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Crist Passes Over Val Demings for LG- Ramifications In Central Florida?

Many around Central Florida expected Val Demings to be named Charlie Crist’s LG pick. But now that the pick has come and gone, and it is instead Annete Taddeo-Goldstein, what does this mean for Demings and for the Central Florida Congressional shuffle that is sure to occur once CD-10 is redrawn? Val Demings disastrous campaign for […]

Ten Dollar Tuesday – Josh Katz for Orange County School Board

Last week, I highlighted the bitter battle that is going to take place in the Senate and the importance of throwing support behind Judithanne McLauchlan because a veto-proof Republican majority in the Senate will be disastrous all around.  This week I am going to go in another direction and instead just highlight a school board race in […]

The demise of the Val Demings Campaign yields important lessons for Democrats

Val Demings’ withdrawal from the Orange County Mayoral Race was a shock to most observers of Florida politics. It seems all so surreal because after years of misfiring Democrats had actually landed a highly-touted recruit for a big race in the state of Florida. Local Democrats had recruited a superstar, someone capable of commanding tremendous […]

Monday Musings – Val Demings, Russian-Chinese Gas Deal, US- China Relations, European Elections, Snowden, Sachs-Bogdanoff rematch?

Val Demings dropped out of the Orange County Mayor’s Race giving  little advance notice to activists and Democratic Party leaders on Tuesday. The withdrawal sent shock-waves through the political community in Florida, particularly among Democrats. Demings campaign had shifted in tactics substantially since her entry into the race leading to great frustration among local Democrats […]

Orange County Democrats in the wake of Val Demings withdrawal – Open forum

Val Demings,  a superstar Democratic candidate shocked Florida politicos with her sudden withdrawal from the Orange County Mayor’s race on Tuesday. Demings, who overperformed in a 2012 Congressional challenge to Congressman Dan Webster, was looking to unseat Mayor Teresa Jacobs. The Orange County Mayor’s office is one of the most powerful and visible elected positions […]

Is SunRail the right choice for Central Florida? – Part Two.

Here is Part Two of the SunRail article, which will look at the cost effectiveness of this system compared to other systems of comparable sizes. Since the main goal of this research is to determine whether the SunRail project is economically sound for Central Florida, the units of analysis for this research will be other […]

Is SunRail the right choice for Central Florida? – Part One

This is Part One of a two-part series on the SunRail project in Central Florida. While many are happy that some form of passenger rail has finally reached the Orlando area, it the type of service they are providing (which is commuter rail) beneficial? Today’s section will look at the history of the light rail/commuter […]

The Pulp: Other Democrats Can Take Lessons From Orange County Progressives

When I was a freshman at Stetson University, I walked into  pol sci 101, American National Government class, wanting to be a doctor. As I read the syllabus of that class, taught by the indubitable and CNN Hero Dr. Anne Hallum by the way , I came across a quote- a quote that has stuck […]