Crist Passes Over Val Demings for LG- Ramifications In Central Florida?

Many around Central Florida expected Val Demings to be named Charlie Crist’s LG pick. But now that the pick has come and gone, and it is instead Annete Taddeo-Goldstein, what does this mean for Demings and for the Central Florida Congressional shuffle that is sure to occur once CD-10 is redrawn?

Val Demings disastrous campaign for Orange County Mayor led to questions about her viability. She left local Democrats high and dry for one of then most important offices in the state of Florida. Her withdrawal occurred around the deadline for candidate petition cards making it impossible for another viable Democrat to jump in the race against Mayor Jacobs, who is a Republican.

When Demings  dropped out of the race it was thought by many activists she had essentially screwed over Central Florida Democrats. Some believe that she put the nail in her coffin to be considered for higher office with this decision, although many local Democrats continue to see Demings as a viable long-term prospect. However, the damage of her abrupt withdraw from the Mayor’s race has not been healed.

Despite her superstar status in 2012 when she ran a decent (but not great) campaign against Webster, her candidacy for Mayor ultimately polarized local Democrats and burned the Florida Democratic Party. Other Democrats are possibilities for this seat as Orange County has developed a strong bench of progressive office holders and activists. Given the haste with which Demings left the Mayor’s race and the strained relationship with some local leaders that came from that campaign, chances are that another Democratic candidate will emerge in CD-10. Demings will have to then weigh her options in the seat.

Upon her withdrawal from the Mayor’s race Demings said the following:

“I am humbled by and grateful for the support I have received from every corner of our county. After careful analysis I have determined that this is just not the right race at this time,”

With Charlie Crist passing over Demings today, many are speculating that the hasty withdrawal from the Mayor’s Race soured Crist. At the same time, Demings might be free and clear to pursue a Congressional race against Dan Webster in a redrawn district now. Instead of being tied up as LG or losing yet another race she can sit and wait for the chips to fall in the area.

However, many Democrats locally would like another candidate given Demings burning of them in this cycle. Few offices in the state carry more power than the Mayor of Orange County and since Linda Chapin left the office in 1998 it has been controlled by Republicans in an increasingly Democratic county.

With the Congressional situation in flux and Demings now apparent liabilities expect one or more high-profile Democrats to think about CD-10.


  1. Richard Block · · Reply

    Annete Taddeo-Goldstein is a great choice! This is wonderful news.


  2. Susan McGrath · · Reply

    Annette Taddeo-Goldstein brings strength to the ticket.


    1. Mike Vallejos · · Reply

      I think she’s possibly strong than Christ himself, love this news!


  3. Mark Lynn · · Reply

    Hate to disagree, but this is a terrible choice!! Taddeo has been a decent DEC Chair in Dade & brought some stability to that organization which has seen seven chairmen in fourteen years. But as a candidate she is a two time loser. Yes, it is unlikely that anybody could beat Ileana, and Taddeo gave her a decent race. BUT, Taddeo lost a primary for County Commissioner two years later. She failed to even make the runoff. She has never won an election. Her resume is thin & newly minted hyphenated name is ethnically confusing (reminds me of a Judge in Miami, who after marriage ran as Gisela Cardonne-Dienstag and was defeated. Her name was blamed. She later divorced, dropped Dienstag & was reappointed to the bench & elected unopposed. She still serves today. It was years before she added her second husband’s name). I understand what Charlie is thinking, but I believe he is betting on the wrong horse. A Broward Dem or even Gelber would smooth things over after the primary. Chris Smith has a couple of things going for him. If Charlie wanted an hispanic, why not ex-Miami Mayor Manny Diaz or ex-Dade Mayor Alex Penelas. Both have a track record. Or what about ex-State Rep. Annie Betancourt? She may be a little dated, but at least has a record & knowledge of state government. Don’t forget Rick Scott’s new LG is an hispanic from Miami, who has served in the House & been elected to a countywide position. They are now aiming for the same voters & Carlos L-C definately has an advantage & leg up. Will Taddeo help anyplace else? Outside of Miami her name i.d. is zilch …. and only marginally better in Dade.


    1. floridian · · Reply

      Maybe he actually likes her. Chemistry is important. Furthermore, the LG position is a black hole of nothing. No pol who already is successful would want it. Honestly, it’s not even needed at all. The state would be fine without one.


    2. Mark, you couldn’t be more wrong! I’ve seen Annette speak passionately on the Ed Show. She is amazing, and I for one am super happy about the pick. From what I hear, she turned that party around by building the base.

      Bringing up divorce? I’m offended! You sound like a man afraid of a powerful woman who is ready to take the lead.


      1. Richard Block · ·

        I have seen and heard Annette speak at many Florida Democratic Party events, and I think she is the best. She will help us to get the Hispanic vote. I am very happy.


      2. Mark Lynn · ·

        Divorce?? What are you talking about? I only mentioned that a Miami Judge dropped her long, hyphenated name, after a divorce some 30 years ago. BTW, I have a long record of supporting female candidates and am offended at any suggestion to the contrary. Nobody is a bigger Hillary Clinton supporter than I!! And just because someone comes across well on a tv show doesnt mean that they add electibility or any other qualifications to the ticket or position.


    3. Can I just add, I am no Crist apologist by any measure… but this was an amazing pick and I couldn’t be more excited to see what she will do as LG.


    4. demodaysi · · Reply

      Wait until her debate with Carlos L C. She is Florida’s Sarah Palin. Clueless.


      1. Richard Block · ·

        Have you ever heard her talk? I have on MSNBC and many times in person, and she is very good.


      2. Floridalatinogirl · ·

        Clueless is an understatement!

        Whoever thought this was a good idea is CLUELESS and offensive.

        Shows a complete lack of understanding of the Hispanic community in Florida. Do they really think checking the box with just any Hispanic person will pacify the larger PR and Cuban communities?

        I am offended.


      3. Richard Block · ·

        What do you base these claims on? Have you ever heard Annette speak?


      4. Richard Block · ·

        She is not “just any Hispanic person”. Annette is Chair of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party, and Vice-Chair of the Florida Democratic Party.


      5. Floridalatinogirl · ·


        I took your challenge. Looks like the only reason Annette Taddeo has a title is because it was an appointed reward for her selling out to the Chair of the national party. Seems like she made a deal with Wasserman -Schultz It was not earned it was a reward.

        Based on news reports it looks like she has only been a leader in Miami-Dade for a year and a half. I don’t see any party involvement before that. Other than two failed attempts to run for office.


  4. This was a great pick! The headline should be about Annette being a strong voice for woman, Hispanics, and progressives.


  5. Florida Dem · · Reply

    Annette who?

    I am sorry this is just one more slap in the face of the Hispanic and Black community. Has anyone thought about Gov. Taddeo? We have so many good political and business leaders around the state. Why did we go to the bottom of the well to drag out a person that:

    1. No one knows
    2. Has never one a single election.
    3. Has proven disrespectful of the black community in her own county.
    4. Can’t seem to decide what her last name is.

    This makes the entire Crist campaign operation look like an immature operation. What joke.



    1. I’m done with this blog. All of you are so ready to be negative all the time. I’ve seen her on Ed Show plenty and she always comes out as thoughtful and passionate. Being a mother and small business owner is “nothing”??? Being the leader of her party is “nothing”??? The only joke here is you.


      1. Richard Block · ·

        Not all of us, just a few nasty supporters of Crist’s primary opponent.


      2. Broward Bob · ·

        @lauren summers – please stick around. many of us agree with your appraisal of her.
        as an aside – great comment on the blog of that foolish LW woman, looks like you and i (and others, i’m sure) are banned for telling her how wrong she ALWAYS is. good job!


    2. Mike Vallejos · · Reply

      Learn to spell before you attack a candidate you know nothing about, Annette is one of the most qualified democrats in Florida period


      1. Florida Dem · ·

        Mike, You are right about the spelling. English is my first language but typing is not. Why would you call her one of the most qualified Democrats? Based on what I know she had no involvement in the Hispanic community until very recently. She chose to not live or work with us. I hear she is a small business owner, good for her and her success but that does not qualify you to be one seat away from being Governor.

        I read today she ran and lost twice. I guess that makes makes her successful? Democrats reward losers!


      2. Dems in Action · ·

        If that is so, then we are in a world of hurt.


  6. David Lutrin · · Reply

    This is strictly a pick to garner votes and has absolutely nothing to do qualifications. From a strategic, campaign perspective, this was a smart pick. However, from a potential governing perspective, the Tadeo pick is incredibly weak. Unfortunately, elections are not necessarily about good government as they are about winning.


    1. Seeing how the Lt. Governor doesn’t actually participate in Governing, I think she’ll do just fine.


    2. Mark Lynn · · Reply

      She is a weak choice on both points: As a vote getter & in regards to her qualifications for the job. It shouldnt surprise me though. The rest of the ticket is so extremely weak (except Charlie) that it may not matter.


  7. Central Florida PR · · Reply

    I am sorry but this is a slap in the face of every Central Florida Hispanic. There are great leaders in the PR and Cuban community. Leaders that represent our community. Taddeo not qualified to represent our community or our state. This is offensive they believe just naming “anyone” remotely identifiable as Hispanic would fool us.

    Former Crist supporter……


    1. How is the Columbian-American daughter of a US soldier and Columbian immigrant only “remotely” Hispanic?


  8. Mike Vallejos · · Reply

    I think she is a greater candidate than Val, with respect to them both. I’m from south Florida, which will be important to win in order to win on November 4th, Annette knows what she’s talking about and the issues important to voters. This is a good day for all floridians


  9. Mark Lynn · · Reply

    A quick review of the political background of every FL LG since the office was reestablished in 1968:

    Ray C. Osborne – State Rep.
    Tom Adams – Sec of State & State Sen.
    Jim Williams – State Sen.
    Wayne Mixson – State Rep.
    Bobby Brantley – State Rep.
    Buddy MacKay – Congressman, State Sen. & State Rep.
    Frank Brogan – Commr. of Education, Supt. of Schools
    Toni Jennings – State Sen. (Sen. Prez.) & State Rep.
    Jeff Kottkamp – State Rep.
    Jennifer Carroll – State Rep.
    Carlos L-C – Dade Property Appraiser & State Rep.


    1. Central Florida PR · · Reply

      That pretty much sums it up doesn’t it. We have several great Hispanic leaders with resumes that could a volume. Insulting!


  10. Mark Lynn · · Reply

    Even the losing nominees for LG since 78 had some political experience:

    1978 – Paula Hawkins – PSC Commr. (elected twice)
    1982 – Leo Callahan – Ft. Lauderdale Police Chief
    1986 – Frank Mann – State Sen. & State Rep.
    1990 – J. Allison DeFoor – Monroe Co. Sheriff & County Judge
    1994 – Tom Feeney – State Rep.
    1998 – Rick Dantzler – State Sen. & State Rep.
    2002 – Tom Rossin – State Sen.
    2006 – Daryl Jones – State Sen. & State Rep.
    2010 – Rod Smith – State Sen. & Alachua Co. State Attorney

    Best comparison to Taddeo would be the 74 GOP LG Nominee, Mike Thompson of Miami, who was a travel agent, and radio talk show host. Thompson had previously lost races for Congress to Dante Fascell (66 & 68) and the State Senate to Richard Pettigrew (72), although like Taddeo was Chairman of the local party. Actually, they seem to be mirror images of each other.


  11. Gwen Sarah · · Reply

    So excited! Annette is great!


  12. This is Charlie’s tribute to John McCain-Sarah Palin. A desperate move to try and stem the tide. He is losing ground to Nan. On top of that people are beginning to realize that Charlie is Harry Sargeant’s puppet.


    1. Broward Bob · · Reply

      20%, if she’s incredibly winning the powerball type lucky. have a rheingold, the beer of new york losers.


  13. […] polls, it became clear that Crist had to choose a minority. While many were floating the idea of Val Demings, that simply was not ever politically viable. The reality that that African-American voters cannot […]


  14. At the trauma unit at LRMC & I ca n tell you E1 fron the Dr I spoke with to the environmental staff are happy to hear about D Senator Nan Rich! They are tired of no mental health beds provied for & people shooting one another, they are smart hard working ppl & could give a Rats azz about Whoever Tadeo iz Big hosp too & lot of nurses tired of having to work 12 gruelling hours to make ends meet


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