Interesting progressive candidate in North Palm Beach

gloriaforcouncilwoman-headshot-635596821651938000North Palm Beach is a somewhat sleepy bedroom community near the northern edge of the Southeast Florida megalopolis. An interesting candidate has emerged in Gloria Malden Kaplan, an 83 year-old, 30 year resident of the city has chosen to give it a go in a race for town council. Running against young tea party Republican Doug Bush, Kaplan has a vision to revitalize the city.

In her own words:

To the few critics chuckling over a Grandmother running for Village Council, I address the age issue two ways – seriously and humorously.
Service and contribution never ends.  It only is enhanced as you get older.  I have been a volunteer, activist and leader all my life.  I am not quitting now!
Too few women are represented in Village governance, I can still make a difference as a professional businesswoman, educator and, yes, grandma.
The Village Council chose to unanimously raise taxes instead of using cheap interest bonds for capital repair and maintenance in order to lessen the burden on the operating budget.  
Experience could tell them otherwise.
In recent years, we have seen some candidates like Kaplan emerge in municipalities where entrenched power brokers, usually men have dominated proceedings. We will track her progress here in the next two weeks – the election in the Village of North Palm Beach is March 10th.


  1. Patti Lynn · ·

    Other advantages of older candidates: They are not looking to support themselves by being elected to office; In most cases, you don’t have to worry about term limits; The financial experience that they have can only benefit local governments; In most cases, again, sexual harassment is eliminated.


  2. The Observer · ·

    Think she wants to run for Gov. or Senate in 4 years ? Hope she does not hire Burt as a consultant.


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