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Laundry list of excuses again don’t add up after another Democratic defeat

Florida Democrats have entered their comfort zone- the season of making excuses. Democrats in Florida are incredibly proficient and adept at one important aspect of political campaigns – generating creative talking points in justifying losing campaigns. Once again in a big race a Democrat has fallen short, and once again no doubt those in and […]

Kartik Krishnaiyer to start Democrats for Jeb!

As most of our readers  know well, I take pride in all things Florida.  Today, our state and the people of the nation are faced with a momentous prospect.  Our former Governor Jeb Bush has an opportunity to be the first Floridian ever to occupy the White House. After much reflection, I have decided not […]

Alvin Brown leads in Jacksonville – What does it mean?

Despite what the naysayers might claim, Democrats do have life in the State of Florida. Big city mayors and city council elections have long been a key to the party’s revival in the state. It could be argued however that Democrats have done little with this assembled bench as the hole the party faces seemingly […]

Jacksonville’s past, present and future comes together at 5 points conversation with the candidates

By George Farrar This article is my perspective about the 2015 Jacksonville District 14 City Council Candidates Forum on March 4, 2015. It is the third article in a special series profiling the upcoming First & Second Elections.  On Wednesday night, March 4, a group of Jacksonville residents gathered in one of our oldest movie […]

A few words about the opening days of the 2015 Jacksonville Mayoral Campaign

Editors Note: George Farrar will be contributing to The Florida Squeeze during the 2015 Jacksonville Elections. You can find his excellent work at The Left Turn Network By George Farrar This article is my perspective about the opening days of the 2015 Jacksonville Mayoral Campaigns. It is the first  article in a special series profiling […]