Kartik Krishnaiyer to start Democrats for Jeb!

Gov_Jeb_BushAs most of our readers  know well, I take pride in all things Florida.  Today, our state and the people of the nation are faced with a momentous prospect.  Our former Governor Jeb Bush has an opportunity to be the first Floridian ever to occupy the White House. After much reflection, I have decided not only to back Governor Bush for the Presidency but to begin a full fledged Democratic committee to back his eventual candidacy.

As a Democrat who came of age during the Chiles years, I long resented the number of Democrats I looked up to who defected to Jeb Bush during the 1998 and 2002 Gubernatorial races. In my idealistic mind, I considered these people sellouts. But with age comes wisdom and a fresh perspective. I have assessed the Bush years and now have the hindsight to think differently.

Jeb Bush was unfortunate to lose during the 1994 Republican electoral wave to Governor Lawton Chiles. The heavy hand of the trial lawyers and teachers unions did him in during that campaign and when elected Governor in 1998, Bush made sure he made those groups paid the price. Tort reform, school vouchers, expanded charter schools, medical malpractice reform and product liability record all helped to move this state forward leaving an era of big government socialism and entering the nirvana of a truly conservative age. The free market helped guide Bush’s decisions while in office and grew Florida’s economy in a way we only saw once previously in this state – during Jeb’s ten months as Commerce Secretary in the Martinez Administration.

I am inspired by Bush’s willingness to use Government to achieve any end as he did in the Terry Schiavo matter and his foreign policy philosophy which will bring about a new American Empire abroad. We have so much to offer the planet and it is our burden as Americans to impose our values on the rest of the world, because after all are an exceptional nation, the only such one on the planet. I however do have a a thing for the Brits – As a self-confessed anglophile who has made his living in the English-invented sport of Soccer, I have become like so many other Americans obsessed with the daily trappings of the royal family. That is why we need a Bush restoration in this country, after the illegitimacy of the Clinton and Obama years provided unfortunate interludes to the Bush families rule of our exceptional people.

Democracy is not to be respected if it yields the wrong result and using my experience from the youthful indiscretions of the 2000 recount when I worked for Vice President Gore, I am ready and willing to help the Bush team steal another election in Florida if needed. After all the free market dictates victory by any means necessary.

This change of heart is because I have now bought into the Republican mantra that you measure a person’s character based on how much money they earn. It is not Republicans who have convinced me of this, but Democrats. As I look around the Tallahassee lobbyist and consultant club, I see a corp dominated by former and current Democrats that supported Bob Graham and Lawton Chiles but pragmatically shifted to Jeb Bush and Rick Scott. Most of these individuals have made a nice living off the political and legislative fortunes of the state. After years of resentment about Democrats who did not behave the way I felt Democrats should, I have decided I really want to be part of this cozy club, where ideology does not matter except for one aspect – making money. Supporting Jeb Bush as a Florida Democrat will be a financial windfall and after years of playing progressive, why continue to fight it? I also realize since so many prominent Democrats in the past have openly supported Governor Bush, that if I wanted to obtain leadership in such a group, I better jump now.

In the coming days we will be turning TFS into a pro-Jeb! website. Those wishing to join our effort please contact me in the coming days. I am excited by the prospect of leaving the progressive wing of my party and joining the green wing.

Onward to victory in 2016!


  1. Finally someone with some sense around here!


  2. Blue Dog Dem · · Reply

    Finally you have come around. But what suddenly happened to prompt this?


  3. Barbara DeVane · · Reply

    This better be a joke!!!Barbara


  4. Happy April fools day!


  5. I was looking for the unsub link until I looked at the date. good one.


  6. old guy on the bench · · Reply

    ROTFLMAO !!! Where do I sign up Kartick?


  7. Considering who your wife works for this may not be a joke…


  8. If this isn’t an April Fool’s joke, you can cancel my email link . . . IMMEDIATELY!


  9. James Mejuto · · Reply

    I think you’re an idiot! James Mejuto


  10. Andrea · · Reply

    April Fool


  11. Very Foolish


  12. Mike Deming · · Reply

    I find your comments interesting, but don’t show the “wisdom” you speake of. Good luck, I personally like Jeb, but he did some great things as governor and some not so great things. And he has a long way to be considered a statesman like Lawton Chiles. When Chiles won the people of Florida won. The Jeb presidency has a lot of obstacles to overcome before it can be considered viable, and that’s just within the GOP.


  13. Mark Lynn · · Reply

    Haha! Happy April Fools Day, Kartik!


  14. Wendy Sejour · · Reply

    Good one!


  15. Kartik, a happy April Fool’s to you! I thought for a moment you had lost your mind!


  16. Fla Dem · · Reply

    Well now you will finally been exposed. We know you been working for the Republicans trying to undermine the Democrats with all this liberal crap.

    The way to hurt our party is to push us to far left


  17. Howard · · Reply



  18. I’m down as long as you make me your deputy. Jeb! 2016 and beyond.


  19. Best idea since Democrats for Nixon.


  20. Ron Baldwin · · Reply

    They say that you learn from your mistakes.

    I am 81 years old and have had many more years than most who read these posts. And unfortunately more years to make mistakes, One mistake (out of many) I made many years ago was when I came up with a hilarious April Fool’s joke. Even the recipients of the joke acknowledged that it was indeed funny. But no one likes to be made the Fool and some dear friendships were never the same. That was the last time I ever created or participated in an April Fool’s joke.

    I hope this “Democrats for Jeb” is just an April Fool’s joke. I also hope that you learn the same lesson I learned when I played my last April Fool’s joke many years ago. And I hope you learn the same lesson I learned so many years ago.

    But if this is not an April Fool’s joke then I will have really been made the Fool for having thought you could improve this tawdry political prcess.


  21. The Observer · · Reply

    Is Tom Gallagher going to be his running mate ? or is Mary Mc Carty going to stage a comback. Maybe Burt Arronson could run with him, I’m sure there would be a paycheck involved and we all know how much he craves attention.


  22. I first saw this blogger (KK) a few minutes ago and was quite impressed. Then I read this blog. It has to be an April Fools joke. No one can take a right turn that quickly. Jeb personally has destroyed public education in this country. Even President Obama has been fooled by Rhea, Duncan and Bush. Rhea has been discounted. Haven’t heard much from Duncan lately. And NCLB was trashed. We know that Bush seems moderate lately, but we’re only comparing him to the far righ wing, whom he endorsed yesterday with the disciminatory law passed in Indiana. Thank the logical people of our country for FINALLY standing up for what is right.


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