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Ten Dollar Tuesday – Andy Kelly for Volusia County Council

In the 1990s, the Republican party aggressively started in taking over all levels of government elections, from mosquito control all the way up and this has paid off for them in a large way. As we have mentioned numerous times in this blog, the Democrats have to start building from the ground up if they […]

Ten Dollar Tuesday – Josh Katz for Orange County School Board

Last week, I highlighted the bitter battle that is going to take place in the Senate and the importance of throwing support behind Judithanne McLauchlan because a veto-proof Republican majority in the Senate will be disastrous all around.  This week I am going to go in another direction and instead just highlight a school board race in […]

Allison Tant’s ‘Five Pillars of Success’ – How is she doing?

Everybody is talking about it; all over the state, headlines over the weekend reported on the end of filing on Friday and nobody has anything good to say about Florida’s Democrats. Is this the worst of the worst for candidate recruitment? Certainly a contender. While recruitment was going to be rough on a year that […]

Fare Play: Should Florida be over Uber?

Is it a car service? Is it an app? Is it the next great step forward for the “sharing economy?” Another David vs. Goliath showdown, where innovation squares off against entrenched and outdated local control? The Uber debate is not easily broken down by a prevailing ideology or caucus factions. Age has played a critical […]

Is SunRail the right choice for Central Florida? – Part Two.

Here is Part Two of the SunRail article, which will look at the cost effectiveness of this system compared to other systems of comparable sizes. Since the main goal of this research is to determine whether the SunRail project is economically sound for Central Florida, the units of analysis for this research will be other […]

Is SunRail the right choice for Central Florida? – Part One

This is Part One of a two-part series on the SunRail project in Central Florida. While many are happy that some form of passenger rail has finally reached the Orlando area, it the type of service they are providing (which is commuter rail) beneficial? Today’s section will look at the history of the light rail/commuter […]

Another milestone for the Tampa Bay Times

The Tampa Bay Times  was awarded the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Local Reporting yesterday. Will Hobson and Michael LaForgia of Tampa Bay Times won the award for “their relentless investigation into the squalid conditions that marked housing for the city’s substantial homeless population, leading to swift reforms.” For years, The Tampa Bay Times has been […]

Zest of the Day: FL Sec’y of State issues order to restrict absentee voting

As reported in the Tampa Bay Times, Secretary of State Ken Detzner has issued a directive to Supervisors of Elections in all 67 counties instructing them to make the absentee voting process more difficult. Specifically, Detzner — a former lobbyist and Jeb Bush appointee brought on by Gov. Rick Scott last year — has directed SOEs to […]

Is the Orlando MLS stadium deal in trouble?

Facing a crucial vote tomorrow on the Orange County Commission, my sources are indicating Orlando City Soccer Club which received unanimous City Commission approval earlier in month is short the five votes necessary for passage. I do however think when push comes to shove the project will be approved. More on this from my Monday […]

Snyder’s Take: The Future Is Now

Don’t get it twisted. The ousting of Minority Leader Daryl Rouson and the subsequent election of Progressive Champion Mark Pafford to the same position is huge news. No. It’s a BFD.  It proves what many of us have already known: the progressive movement in Florida is spreading statewide like a central Florida dry season brush […]