Another milestone for the Tampa Bay Times

The Tampa Bay Times  was awarded the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Local Reporting yesterday.

Will Hobson and Michael LaForgia of Tampa Bay Times won the award for “their relentless investigation into the squalid conditions that marked housing for the city’s substantial homeless population, leading to swift reforms.”

For years, The Tampa Bay Times has been considered one of the top local papers in the nation. This is in addition to the paper’s long standing reputation as the newspaper of record in the state of Florida.

This is the tenth Pulitzer the paper has won, a milestone for any publication.



  1. Dems in 14 · · Reply

    Obviously the standard of journalism isn’t what it once was if this paper keeps winning awards.

    Consider the papers political writers please. They all have an agenda of some sort and a megaphone to present these views. Politifact is biased also constantly slamming Charlie Crist.

    The witch hunt against Peter Schorsch was simply pathetic and amateur journalism that would not even be allowed in middle school. In that case to Rick Scott campaign and the RPOF pushed the Times into their “investigation.”

    Really appalled that this blog which speaks the truth more often than not has chosen to run a story praising a paper which continually gets worse and worse.

    Last point. Check out Adam Smith’s condescending takedown of Alex Sink from this past weekend and then tell me the paper is not a biased rag.


    1. With all due respect, I strongly disagree. About as strongly as one can disagree. The Times is one of the best papers in the nation. It has been for the more than two decades I have been reading the paper.


      1. The fact you read it and have for 20 years hardly qualifies it as one of the best.What other papers do you read regularly?Are you comparing this paper to the Philadelphia Inquirer,Washington Post,Chicago Sun Times,Ny Times……………………I could go on but have made my point.This paper is merely your local paper.I can read the Tampa Bay Times,cover to cover,in less than a half an hour.This paper is akin to a small town publication and nothing more.I have noticed a hard right turn by the Times and political editor Smith,who writes in a disheveled manner,much like his personal appearance.


    2. Considering the NY Times has won 112 or so Pulitzers puts the Tampa papers wins in perspective.It takes 1 10th of the time to read the Tampa paper as it does the NY Times.The right shift goes with their political Editor Smith,who is a low key right winger.


  2. Unfortunately, the media in general is managed news….I grew up with the New York Times, which was mandatory reading in high school….the paper caved to political pressure during the invasion of Iraq and lost ethical journalist….Yes, the Tampa Bay Times piece on the Homeless and others due deserve praise. But, stating that the Times is one of the Best in
    the Nation isn’t high praise for the Nation…..


  3. The NY Times has won well over 100 Pulitzer prizes.Close to 120 actually.The fact the Tampa Bay/St. Pete Times has won 10 sounds about right.The paper is about 1/10th,I am being kind,as informaticve as its New York counterpart.This papewr IS NOT one of the best in the country.Not even close


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