Rubio Votes “No” on Cloture for Hagel

Republican “savior” Marco Rubio has voted no on shutting off the filibuster of Senator Chuck Hagel’s nomination for Defense Secretary. However the cloture motion passed 71-27 and Hagel’s nomination should receive final passage later today. Rubio was one of the first Republican Senators to publicly announce opposition to Hagel’s nomination and last week signed a letter to the White House asking for the nomination to be withdrawn. After it was revealed many of the charges being cited by neo-conservatives against Hagel were being exaggerated or even completely manufactured, Rubio was silent on the matter while continuing his steadfast opposition to the nomination and tacit support of the tactics used by those trying to derail Hagel’s confirmation.

One comment

  1. Rubio is more concerned about scoring political points than national security. Book it.


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