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Scripps Debacle Calls Into Question Jeb Bush’s Honesty About Job Creation

To those of us active in Palm Beach County politics at the time it was sold as our Disney World. A job creator to rival nothing else in the nation, Jeb Bush and local legislators, most of whom were Democrats used every little bit of hyperbole to sell the  relocation of Scripps biotech research facility […]

Marco Rubio Earns Highest Senate Score From Conservative Tax Group

“Americans for Prosperity” a right-wing, anti-tax, anti-government group has given one A+ score for 2012 in the US Senate. That score was earned by Florida Senator and Republican rock star Marco Rubio. Recall last year, Rubio was one of only five Senators to get a perfect 100% score from the American Conservative Union who have […]

Editorial: Rick Scott Played The Tea Party Like A Fiddle

Political outsiders and those involved in reform movements almost universally become disillusioned and disappointed with those whom they helped get elected. Thus the Tea Party’s denunciation of Rick Scott’s recent move towards the conservative positions formerly held by Florida Republicans (as contrasted with the hard right reactionary positions of the 2008-2012 time period) is not […]

Christopher Ruddy’s Editorial: A Trial Balloon For Rick Scott?

Christopher Ruddy, the publisher of West Palm Beach based Newsmax Magazine who has built a publishing empire that speaks for Republicans throughout the nation has strongly voiced his support for Governor Rick Scott’s flip-flop on Medicaid. Ruddy, for those who don’t know is about as influential an opinion leader as the GOP has in southeast […]

When Blind Ideology Trumps Realism Southeast Florida Pays

Bubby Nevins, longtime Broward County political watcher and former Sun Sentinel political maestro has taken issue with a recent vote of Rep. George Moratis (R-Fort Lauderdale).  Republican legislators voting against both the wishes of the constituencies they serve and against the wishes of local elected officials is nothing new. This has been happening since the […]

The View From The UK On Governor Scott’s Decision

It may be shameful to admit this as an American but after the Tampa Bay Times, my first morning read is the (Manchester) Guardian, which I consider to be the paper of record on world affairs. Working in the field I do (Football, or Soccer as it is known colloquially in the states) the Guardian […]

GOP Backed Tax Breaks Historically Have Failed

As we approach the 2013 Legislative session we are once again hearing ad nausea about job creation and how a positive climate for business needs to be created in Florida. The Republican majority, as well as complicit Democrats, constantly bring this topic up. Floridians of different political and ideological persuasions all agree that we need […]

LCV Scorecard for 2012 Released

Being a member of the League of Conservation voters does give you certain privileges. My favorite is getting access to the LCV Congressional Scorecard before it goes public. Well the organization did finally release the scorecard publicly yesterday and below are the scores from the Florida delegation.  The higher the percentage the better the member […]

School “Choice” Part I : The Agenda and History Behind Vouchers

Editors Note: Today we begin a three part series on School “Choice” legislation.  This week Senate Democrats all but conceded defeat in the fight to stop the infamous “Parent trigger” bill since the dynamics of the Senate have changed with moderate, free thinking Republicans replaced Jeb Bush left the Governor’s office over six years ago, […]

Welcome to the Florida Squeeze!

Florida is a  unique place. A state that led the way for progressive reform in the 1970s has given way to being an experimental laboratory of the most reactionary and right-wing elements in the country. The goal of this site is to provide strong progressive commentary with splashes of cynicism and humor. This site has […]