Welcome to the Florida Squeeze!

Florida is a  unique place. A state that led the way for progressive reform in the 1970s has given way to being an experimental laboratory of the most reactionary and right-wing elements in the country. The goal of this site is to provide strong progressive commentary with splashes of cynicism and humor.

This site has been in the works the past few weeks and I have countless progressive leaders and activists throughout the state to thank for supporting me in this endeavor. Any list of names would take up a full news story so instead just know that each and every one of you is owed a debt of gratitude by me. We are soliciting contributors while focusing on building this site into a distinctive place where progressives can congregate to get news, analysis and a little sunshine each day!

Feel free to poke around the site and subscribe to receive freshly squeezed content each and every day, but please pardon our dust for next few weeks as we build a fantastic new progressive website.

– Kartik Krishnaiyer

Your guide to the Florida Squeeze:


Something new and juicy every single day! Pulp is optional.

Sort of like the one  of a kind PolitiFact but from a progressive perspective. Holding angry right-wingers accountable for every word or sin!


The best and brightest story of the day.


Florida gets mocked often by the media and in that tradition we will make it easier to mock the Sunshine State with our periodic look back at Florida history.


Life outside Tallahassee? What? If you don’t believe that actually exists you can safely skip this section.


Gossip? In politics? NEVER! Juicy Rumors are what fuels the mind and mischief of politicos!


Politicians aren’t compromised just misunderstood. Right? WRONG! We peel the layers of secrecy off of Tallahassee right here!

Beginning later today we will have daily content that we sincerely hope impacts the debate and discussion here in the state of Florida.

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