The View From The UK On Governor Scott’s Decision

It may be shameful to admit this as an American but after the Tampa Bay Times, my first morning read is the (Manchester) Guardian, which I consider to be the paper of record on world affairs. Working in the field I do (Football, or Soccer as it is known colloquially in the states) the Guardian is a must morning read and being a liberal it is a logical morning read.

In recent years the paper has aimed to be the number one source of English language news across the planet. The publication which is left of center and has traditionally supported the Labour party solidified itself as the newspaper of record in the English speaking world with its extensive exposes on the Newscorp/Rupert Murdoch phone hacking scandal.

Yesterday the Guardian ran an interesting piece on Governor Scott’s flip on Medicaid. The analysis here is sound and I know Florida politicos don’t often read the Guardian so I felt it was worth posting.

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