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Zest of the Day: Have Floridians Become Straight Ticket Voters?

Interesting analysis from Dave Trotter at “How the World Votes.” He hits some important voting trends in the state but also seems to ignore some other mitigating factors. Still a highly recommended read. I have noted more and more straight ticket voting in Florida since let’s say since the 1988 Election where George Bush got […]

Kurly’s Kommentary: DC Cruzin For A Brusin: Gunslinger Ted Cruz can redefine the Senate and maybe the 21st conservative movement too

  By Steven Kurlander kurly@stevenkurlander.com There’s a young, brash new sheriff in DC town, a very smart gunslinger. He’s come on a mission to reform dysfunction conservative politics in Washington and reposition a lackluster and devolving GOP back in the “right” direction. While most freshmen Senators historically have been expected to lay low and work […]

Big Government Soviet-Styled Florida Republicans Forever Hypocritical

Today’s Miami Herald has an interesting piece about the unwillingness of Republicans to adhere to conservative principles in its implementation of laws at the state level if local authorities to do not either adhere to the legislative majorities special interest fueled talking points. In other words if the business and insurance lobbies do not like […]

Zest of the Day: Kelli Stargel’s Fake List of Parent Trigger Supporters Provided by Michelle Rhee

You cannot make this stuff up. The willingness of the school “choice” and “parent trigger” supporters to stoop to any level to imply real grassroots support for what is a corporate driven effort to experiment with school children knows no bounds.

Shady groups behind school “choice” and “parent trigger”

The school “choice” movement continues to operate in secrecy and with a certain degree of shadiness. The Miami Herald reported late last night that the group “Sunshine Parents” that has been attributed  for producing propaganda materials supporting the Parent “Trigger” legislation has in fact not produced anything of the sort. These materials have in reality […]

Bill Nelson: Latter-Day Liberal?

Bill Nelson is far from my favorite Democrat. As a high school student in 1990, I campaigned tirelessly against Nelson for Lawton Chiles and Buddy MacKay in the Democratic Primary for Governor. In 1994, I voted for Karen Gievers in the primary for Insurance Commissioner (Nelson went on to win a close shave win over […]

Have Most DEC’s Merely Become Social Clubs or Glorified Debating Societies?

I’ve been going to DEC meetings around the state for almost two decades. In that time I have seen some good DECs, some decent ones and mostly ineffective ones. While the impotence of the Florida Democratic Party has been largely blamed for the continued poor electoral performances of the party at the state level, the […]