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Kurly’s Kommentary: Carroll resignation shows true qualifications, not pedigree, should be top priority

Time to ditch the Ferrero method of picking candidates By Steven Kurlander Much of the analysis of the resignation of Florida’s Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll last week is being framed as yet another ethics failure of Governor Scott’s administration and the need for campaign financing reform and better financial and business disclosure by public officials. […]

Kurly’s Kommentary: Arrested political development and forgiveness in Delray Beach

Editors Note: Each Thursday the Florida Squeeze will feature the latest from Steven Kurlander an accomplished writer and political operative. Kurlander’s perspective is different than the other writers at our site as much of his political work has been with Republicans and he currently resides in New York. Kurlander’s columns were until recently featured in […]

AIF Legislative Priorities Largely Dangerous But Contain Some Nice Surprises

Through the years Associated Industries of Florida has become an extreme organization, more or less advocating unfettered free enterprise in the state and tort reform as the solution for just about every situation that may involve a degree of liability. While AIF has the usual list of dangerous tax breaks in this year’s agenda (which […]

Speaker Weatherford Invited to Speak at CPAC: Rising Star For Sure

The national news has been filled with headlines about who has NOT been invited to CPAC (aka Chris Christie whose record as NJ Governor is actually quite conservative) but it is noteworthy for us here in that Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford has been selected to speak. Weatherford who portrays a less threatening and more […]

When Blind Ideology Trumps Realism Southeast Florida Pays

Bubby Nevins, longtime Broward County political watcher and former Sun Sentinel political maestro has taken issue with a recent vote of Rep. George Moratis (R-Fort Lauderdale).  Republican legislators voting against both the wishes of the constituencies they serve and against the wishes of local elected officials is nothing new. This has been happening since the […]

The View From The UK On Governor Scott’s Decision

It may be shameful to admit this as an American but after the Tampa Bay Times, my first morning read is the (Manchester) Guardian, which I consider to be the paper of record on world affairs. Working in the field I do (Football, or Soccer as it is known colloquially in the states) the Guardian […]