Christopher Ruddy’s Editorial: A Trial Balloon For Rick Scott?

Christopher Ruddy, the publisher of West Palm Beach based Newsmax Magazine who has built a publishing empire that speaks for Republicans throughout the nation has strongly voiced his support for Governor Rick Scott’s flip-flop on Medicaid. Ruddy, for those who don’t know is about as influential an opinion leader as the GOP has in southeast Florida and he also boasts a very strong national following.

Based on the editorial Ruddy has tried to refocus the debate against the “liberal media” always a favorite target of his as well as reinforcing Scott’s “bona-fides” on Obamacare opposition. This editorial could very well indicate how Scott plans to mollify dissent on the right about his decision. Consider Ruddy’s editorial a “trial balloon” for the Governor to see if these types of arguments work with conservatives throughout the state. It could also indicate a certain amount of rallying around the flag among Republican establishment figures.

Tomorrow, I will share my own views about Rick Scott’s flip-flop and what it means for 2014.


  1. You give Ruddy too much credit. All he is is a petty partisan right-wing hack. The Conservative Entertainment Complex personified.


    1. While I agree Ruddy is a hack, you cannot argue the fact that he has significant influence on the right nationally, and particularly in his home area.


  2. True he has influence the sane way Hannity or O’Reilly does. He’s a hack!


  3. Concerned Democrat · ·

    You are giving Ruddy way too much attention. He is a hack. Ignore him.


  4. No he is not he supported Sachs and Aronberg.


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