TFS + – Cuba, not Covid dominating Florida politics?

Incredibly as Florida records a disproportionate number of new Covid cases in the state compared to other states, has an Attorney General who contracted COVID and prepares to send kids back to school without masks, Cuba is a more pressing issue for the state politicians. Florida has produced almost 30,000 new COVID cases in the last 72 hours which is about a quarter (25%) of the nationwide total – this from a state that contains only 6.7% of the population of the United States.

We all have sympathy with the Cuban people and ultimately would like to see democracy on the island. It’s impossible not to really feel for the Cuban people and want them to finally be liberated from both an oppressive communist regime or the type of right-wing US-backed governments that Cuba had prior to 1959.

However, we cannot pinpoint one single approach that works and the United States has not exactly been a spreader of democratic values or norms in Latin American through the years. The bad neighbor policy of the US is largely associated with Republicans, but in Florida Democrats play ball on it, mostly out of fear.

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