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TFS + – Cuba, not Covid dominating Florida politics?

Incredibly as Florida records a disproportionate number of new Covid cases in the state compared to other states, has an Attorney General who contracted COVID and prepares to send kids back to school without masks, Cuba is a more pressing issue for the state politicians. Florida has produced almost 30,000 new COVID cases in the […]

Castro’s death and improving relations aren’t stopping flow of Cubans to Florida – why?

The death of Fidel Castro last month as well as the liberalization of relations between the United States and Cuba is doing little to stem the flow of migrants to Florida from the island nation. According to the Associated Press,  Over 50 Cuban migrants landed in the Keys on Sunday, in three different locales. Earlier […]

Donald Trump, Cuba, conservatism and the American fifth column

Immoral laws are meant to be broken – at least that’s what those of us with morals believe. Donald Trump’s violation of the US embargo against Cuba wasn’t an act of civil disobedience but one of a man with a disregard for the rule of law. “There is only one course open to someone like […]

Discredited Marco Rubio continues to take shots at President Obama

Republican voters have had their say. They rejected Marco Rubio’s candidacy which was built largely on his accusations that President Obama “lacked class,” had committed sedition by “deliberately weakening America”. But for now he remains our Junior Senator here in Florida and in that capacity he has continues to make incendiary comments about the sitting […]

Miami or Fort Lauderdale?: American and Southwest duel on Cuba service in official government documents

The thawing in relations between Cuba and the United States has provided another front in the continent-wide battle between Dallas-Fort Worth area airlines. American Airlines and Southwest Airlines depending on the metric you use are two of the five largest airlines on the planet and both want to serve Havana with multiple daily flights from […]

Some Republicans still denying reality on Cuba

President Obama’s attempts at détente with Florida’s southern neighbor Cuba have been well-received throughout the nation and by many in Florida. Approval for the policy change has been wide-ranging and controversy at a minimum. That is unless a zealot has power in some capacity, as Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart currently has in the US House. Diaz-Balart has […]

Cuba’s terrorist state designation and Florida politics – cynicism at its finest

Cuba has been designated a state sponsor of terror since 1982 by the US Government. The nation is one of four that remain on the State Department list of state sponsors of terrorism. When you click on the link it is obvious the case against Cuba is exceedingly thin and flimsy compared to the other […]

Marco Rubio is a hypocrite – Cuban embargo edition

Hypocrisy is nothing new to Florida’s Junior Senator.  Time and again we have seen he has contradicted himself on one issue after another. Rubio knows little about foreign policy yet consistently sounds off on the subject.

President Obama and Cuba – Long needed change

Unencumbered by any further elections, President Obama took a big step forward on Cuba policy today. This policy change may hurt Democrats in Florida but will help the nation economically. Regardless of your views of the Castro regime and economic sanctions in general it takes either a brave person or someone blinded by ideology to […]

Contra Conventional Wisdom, Cuban Embargo Contentious in Miami

A poll released today by Florida International University found that Cubans are more divided on the issue of sanctions against Cuba than is commonly believed. According to FIU researchers, 52% of Miami-Dade Cuban-Americans support ending the embargo — among 18 to 29 year olds, that number rises to 62%. Of particular interest is the differential between […]