Contra Conventional Wisdom, Cuban Embargo Contentious in Miami

A poll released today by Florida International University found that Cubans are more divided on the issue of sanctions against Cuba than is commonly believed. According to FIU researchers, 52% of Miami-Dade Cuban-Americans support ending the embargo — among 18 to 29 year olds, that number rises to 62%.

Of particular interest is the differential between Republican and Democratic Cubans. Among Democratic Cuban-Americans, a group largely coextensive with the younger element referred to above, a significant majority supports normalizing relations with our neighbors to the south.

As we’ve discussed several times on the Squeeze Charlie Crist’s declaration that he opposes the 53-year-old embargo may have a substantial impact on turnout in Miami-Dade County, an area where Democrats must run up the score in order to defeat Governor Scott. These new findings support the idea that it may be a positive impact.

Check out the complete FIU report and survey results at the university’s Cuban Research Institute.


  1. I will save my critiques for this particular poll which I have already looked at for another time. I do not believe in these numbers quite frankly given the differences with the Herald poll which was done by a pollster much more reliable in polling Hispanics. But I will save that full critique for later.

    I want to reinforce though that the INTENSITY of those opposing lifting the embargo and travel restrictions is substantially higher than those wanting both lifted. The people voting based on this issue tend to be against making changes to the status quo. Those who may vote based on other considerations want changes. This it is a losing issue for Crist unless he modifies his position.

    Also from a geopolitical standpoint even though this does not impact Florida politics directly, any coddling of Russian allies in our backyard such as Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua right now should be off the table until Putin modifies his behavior. We can be more pragmatic towards Syria and especially Iran because we have our geopolitical considerations in that part of the world which in some cases may require alignment with Iran, but in our backyard we must crush Putin’s growing network of alliances.


  2. Concerned Cuban Democrat · ·

    Thank You Ryan Ray for pointing out what I’ve been saying over and over in this blog that I can’t seem to get through KK’s thick skull….that Charlie Crist or anyone else who can see through the smoke and mirrors that the small but loud Cuban exile community has done to terrorize all the rest of the US into keeping this stupid 50 year old embargo alive.

    While KK hides in his closet trying to warn anyone who dares to oppose these Cuban exile terrorists and on top of that uses some convoluted argument about Putin as another scare tactic…I say “Screw the exiles and Putin” !!!

    We should not be held hostage a minute longer by this ridiculous trade and travel embargo against Cuba (Don’t we have open trade and travel with Communist China?) Congratulations to Charlie Crist for finally having the courage to do the right thing and take a stand against the very very bad embargo policy that had done nothing in half a century to advance better relations between our two nations.

    Everyone need to realize what the 62 percent if the Cubans in this poll along with the


  3. Concerned Cuban Democrat · ·

    Along with the rest of the entire Hispanic community of Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Venezuelans, Columbians, Costa Ricans, Nicaraguans, Peruvians, Brazilians, and all the other Central and South American Latin nations who are sick and tired of the ridiculous special treatment and the waste of hundreds of millions of dollars of US tax money that goes to support the Marco Rubio Miami Cuban exile community in TV and Radio Marti and the US Office of Foreign Asset Control that has to “approve” every person who travels to and from Cuba to support the embargo.

    This all has to end here and now!

    That means you too KK!!


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