Castro’s death and improving relations aren’t stopping flow of Cubans to Florida – why?

The death of Fidel Castro last month as well as the liberalization of relations between the United States and Cuba is doing little to stem the flow of migrants to Florida from the island nation.

According to the Associated Press,  Over 50 Cuban migrants landed in the Keys on Sunday, in three different locales. Earlier last week, over 40 migrants landed in the Keys.

The thawing of relations between the countries have created two mindsets among those who seek the flee Cuba:

1 -The first is that with American engagement in the Cuban economy and a new openness, conditions will improve.

2- The second is that the “wet foot, dry foot” policy which is in place for immigration to the US among Cubans could be revised to match that of other Latin American and Caribbean nations – countries from which it is much more difficult to legally immigrate to the United States to than from Cuba.

It appears the fears about a possible revision of “wet  foot, dry foot” is pushing more migrants to Florida’s shores. It is also in theory possible that a fear of Donald Trump either scaling back the Obama Administration’s détente with Cuba or shutting the door on immigrants from the south be they economic or political refugees might be fueling the recent surge in migrants.

Fear of Trump’s Presidency is no doubt fueling anxiety across the globe, so it’s likely that Cuba is no different. That having been said, it is possible Trump given his rhetoric on Castro might not revise “Wet foot, dry foot,” something that may have been revisited under a Democratic administration.

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