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The Democrats turnout problem in Florida is serious and could get worse

As we discussed Tuesday night on our Rabble.TV Election Coverage  and on this site, Democrats cast approximately 700,000 fewer ballots in Florida this Presidential Preference Primary (PPP) than Republicans did. This is despite the fact that  Florida has more registered Democrats than Republicans and minority turnout was impressive in Florida, with over half the ballots in the […]

Marco Rubio learned an angry dog doesn’t differentiate and the price of disloyalty

Marco Rubio’s national political career ascended thanks to the Tea Party and unsettled mood in the GOP following the George W. Bush Presidency.  This came after a career in the relatively low-caliber world of the Florida Legislature and Miami-Dade County which was forged as the Tampa Bay Times Alex Leary demonstrated in vivid detail via […]

Relive our four hours of live Primary Night coverage

TFS Radio was on the air from 8pm to midnight last night with Brook Hines and Kartik Krishnaiyer giving real time analysis of the election results. Feel free to listen to our coverage again and to hold us accountable for our words. The program can be found here. 

Victory! Rubio out, the republic is saved from another empty suit neocon

Americans have dodged a bullet says Jonathan Chait.  Here at TFS we agree. We were criticized by many for our almost daily postings about Florida’s Junior Senator and the former Speaker of the Florida House. But as Floridians we know Rubio best and while we now will turn our attention to Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, […]

Florida Primary: Democratic Primary Turnout appx. 700k less than GOP Primary

This in a closed primary state with more registered Democrats Quick takeaway from tonight. Democrats have a turnout problem and enthusiasm gap here in Florida. FULL STOP. We’ll have far more on this later tonight or tomorrow AM. You can listen live to Brook Hines and Kartik Krishnaiyer right now LIVE on Rabble discussing the […]

TFS Radio: Primary Special 8pm Tuesday Night

You can listen  LIVE AT THIS LINK . Unlike most shows we won’t be taping it and embedding the audio so you must listen tonight on Rabble or on-demand after the show concludes. TFS Radio is a collaborative effort of The Florida Squeeze and Rabble TV. Via our partner Rabble.TV you can listen to the show on […]

Marco Rubio implies blame for President Obama RE: violence at Trump rallies

Donald Trump’s rhetoric is simply a reaction to President Obama’s “dividing” of America if you listen to Florida’s Junior Senator Marco Rubio. This weekend Rubio said the following: “President Obama has spent the last eight years dividing Americans among haves and have-nots, along ethnic lines, racial lines, gender lines in order to win elections. I […]

Liberals can malign Trump but not all his supporters

Donald Trump’s campaign for President has brought out the worst in America. The real estate mogul has incited the type of anger and passion from some quarters of the citizenry that we have not seen publicly in the national electorate since the 1964 through 1980. Donald Trump is scaring the political establishment more than any […]

GOP Statewide Race-Baiting in Florida from 1968 to 2016 (And those Republicans who opposed it)

Both Donald Trump and Marco Rubio have done a fair amount of race-baiting either subtle (Rubio) or overt (Trump) over the course of the last few months. The GOP race now in Florida has featured this baiting  This is sadly nothing new in the annals of this state. In 1968, Alabama’s Democratic former Governor George […]

NeoCons poised to abandon GOP for Clinton?

Here in Florida we have many Republicans whose foreign policy views would fit into the “neoconservative” camp. While this state has some traditional conservatives, the neocons unique blend of a free-market driven economic ideology combined with an interventionist foreign policy (which mirrors that of the neoliberals in many ways) is completely contrary to the highly-regulated, […]