Florida Primary: Democratic Primary Turnout appx. 700k less than GOP Primary

This in a closed primary state with more registered Democrats Quick takeaway from tonight. Democrats have a turnout problem and enthusiasm gap here in Florida. FULL STOP.

We’ll have far more on this later tonight or tomorrow AM. You can listen live to Brook Hines and Kartik Krishnaiyer right now LIVE on Rabble discussing the primary results. 


  1. Which voters weren’t motivated or inspired? Did people think Hillary was too establishment and Bernie too socialist? I’m baffled.


    1. Almost positive Susan it was the former. Clinton (like her husband before her) doesn’t inspire enthusiasm among the voters Dems need (Clinton never got 50% in a GE and also ran in two of the lowest turnout elections of our lifetimes). Sanders does among many of them but apparently he’s not being nominated so we need to find a way to make things work with this particularly flawed nominee.


  2. The voters weren’t motivated or inspired, but yet she still got the votes to win. Still baffled!


    1. Not enough to win in a general election, the enthusiasm gap is real and Democrats downplay it at their own peril.


  3. […] Tuesday night on our Rabble.TV Election Coverage  and on this site, Democrats cast approximately 700,000 fewer ballots in Florida this Presidential Preference Primary (PPP) than Republicans did. This is despite the […]


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