Victory! Rubio out, the republic is saved from another empty suit neocon

Rubio 2Americans have dodged a bullet says Jonathan Chait.  Here at TFS we agree. We were criticized by many for our almost daily postings about Florida’s Junior Senator and the former Speaker of the Florida House. But as Floridians we know Rubio best and while we now will turn our attention to Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, defeating Rubio, a man who will say anything to get elected, make any deal to obtain power , befriend any possible ally to maintain power and accuse to the sitting President of what borders on treason to try and win the Presidency being defeated, probably saved American lives.

Rubio’s Presidency would have been a repeat of the disastrous George W. Bush years with a foreign policy based on uncontrolled intervention abroad in a manner that isolates the United States from our longstanding allies and weakens our moral authority around the globe. It is true that America cannot afford Donald Trump for what he would do here at home, but we could not afford Marco Rubio for how he would likely have turned the world against our great nation.

For what it is worth, Rubio according to the American Conservative Union has been one of the five most conservative US Senators since being elected in 2010. Yet he was portrayed by much of the mainstream press as a “moderate” Republican.

We take pride here at TFS for having a role, albeit a small one in seeing to it that Rubio was defeated. We stated we wouldn’t quit until he was officially out of the race and while he will take some delegates to the convention he’s not going to be President anytime soon. So we can now refocus on other issues and wave bye bye to Florida’s not so prodigal son.

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