Marco Rubio implies blame for President Obama RE: violence at Trump rallies

Marco_Rubio_2013_CPAC_by_Gage_SkidmoreDonald Trump’s rhetoric is simply a reaction to President Obama’s “dividing” of America if you listen to Florida’s Junior Senator Marco Rubio. This weekend Rubio said the following:

“President Obama has spent the last eight years dividing Americans among haves and have-nots, along ethnic lines, racial lines, gender lines in order to win elections. I think this has gone to the next level here, and we’re seeing the consequences of it.”

This comes from the same voice who claimed that President Obama “deliberately” weakened America.

So basically during this primary season Rubio has accused the sitting President of the United States of inciting social, racial and gender wars domestically for political purposes and sedition with his foreign policy. Irrespective of what the polls say and whether or not Rubio remains a candidate for President beyond this week, he remains a dangerous figure those of us in Florida must contend with. A man who has been in public office or running for election basically his entire adult life, the Governorship or another position will be in his sights after he is out of the Presidential race. It is critical those interested in uniting people continue to resist Rubio even after his presidential race is fully run.


  1. What’s Kartik gonna do when he drops out?

    TFS = all Rubio all the time


  2. Rubio can take his tinfoil hat off now, and ride off into the sunset. His premises are absurd. Talk about blaming the messenger!


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  4. […] has never used the term “monkey” though many of his attacks on President Obama were cloaked with racial innuendo though many in the media seemed oblivious to this or just didn’t understand what he was […]


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