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Marco Rubio implies blame for President Obama RE: violence at Trump rallies

Donald Trump’s rhetoric is simply a reaction to President Obama’s “dividing” of America if you listen to Florida’s Junior Senator Marco Rubio. This weekend Rubio said the following: “President Obama has spent the last eight years dividing Americans among haves and have-nots, along ethnic lines, racial lines, gender lines in order to win elections. I […]

Florida’s Democrats should consider positives of the Iran deal

As we come up to the 70th Anniversary of the atomic bomb strikes on Japan (which I feel were justified and saved American lives and that of many Japanese civilians that would have been lost in an invasion of the island) preventing nuclear proliferation is a critical part of global diplomacy. Even as a liberal […]

Some Republicans still denying reality on Cuba

President Obama’s attempts at détente with Florida’s southern neighbor Cuba have been well-received throughout the nation and by many in Florida. Approval for the policy change has been wide-ranging and controversy at a minimum. That is unless a zealot has power in some capacity, as Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart currently has in the US House. Diaz-Balart has […]

Will some south Florida Democrats defect to Marco Rubio thanks to President Obama’s foreign policy?

I will be perfectly honest — I sat with folded hands in recent weeks as I watched some of my fellow progressives in south Florida take to social media to attack President Obama’s Middle East policies and cheer Benjamin Netanyahu on to victory in Israel’s recent General Election. Some of these same progressives have attacked the […]

Where the FDP and House Caucus stand today

With the 2015 Legislative Session in full swing the focus has shifted from political legislative considerations. Still the Florida Democratic Party is chugging along hiring Philip Thompson as Deputy Executive Director and lauding Jeri Muoio’s West Palm Beach Mayoral reelection, though the party had little to do with her success. The continued emphasis on rules reform […]

Thursday Bookshelf – FDR and the birth of modern liberalism

 Happy Days Are Here Again: The 1932 Democratic Convention, the Emergence of FDR–and How America Was Changed Forever,  The Defining Moment: FDR’s Hundred Days and the Triumph of Hope,  and American Experience: FDR Being a Democrat today inevitably leads back to the New Deal and how the party structure in the United States essentially changed at […]

Florida Democrats, approval ratings and the State of the Union

Perhaps this is an all too predictable posting coming from me. But at a time when many Florida Democratic insiders are stating that the party needs to shift to the right in order to achieve electoral success, President Obama has taken a completely different tact.  The result has been the highest Presidential approval ratings since early […]

President Obama, Florida Democrats, Political Operatives and “Moderation”

In the last few weeks I have had some interesting and borderline maniacal conversations with people regarding the future of the Democratic Party in terms of messaging and policy. An almost universal consensus has developed among insiders, particularly those who are involved on the consulting end that the path forward involves moderating the Democratic message […]

President Obama and Cuba – Long needed change

Unencumbered by any further elections, President Obama took a big step forward on Cuba policy today. This policy change may hurt Democrats in Florida but will help the nation economically. Regardless of your views of the Castro regime and economic sanctions in general it takes either a brave person or someone blinded by ideology to […]

Is Marco Rubio a hypocritical coward?

Senator Marco Rubio’s ideological dogma obviously is too much for him to grasp the significance of the erosion of American moral authority thanks to yesterday’s release of a Senate report on torture. Rubio’s galling tweet below echoed the statements of the more extreme elements of the GOP, while not appreciating America’s reputation in the world […]