Is Marco Rubio a hypocritical coward?

Senator Marco Rubio’s ideological dogma obviously is too much for him to grasp the significance of the erosion of American moral authority thanks to yesterday’s release of a Senate report on torture. Rubio’s galling tweet below echoed the statements of the more extreme elements of the GOP, while not appreciating America’s reputation in the world means we cannot behave in the same manner as our enemies do.

It was yet another case of Rubio showing his meandering views on issues simply are meant to attract media attention or to appeal to Republican red-meat voters. Ideology for Rubio isn’t meant to be consistent – It is simply a way of ensuring he stays close to the GOP base, and continues to echo  the sentiments of the most extreme partisan elements of American society.

Florida’s Junior Senator has time and again echoed the dangerous rhetoric of the Reagan and Gingrich years, times when the Republicans were committed to destroying the legacy of the New Deal and Great Society rather than reluctantly accepting it which is the situation today. Then again in those days the Democrats had adopted a certain degree of Reaganomics and were crowding out any sort of reasonable moderate position pushing the Republicans further and further right. But as dangerous as Rubio’s unhinged free market economic views have been since the second he walked into the Florida House after a 2000 Special Election, I am beginning to fear his views on foreign policy are even more dangerous.

In November 2013, I wrote that Rubio was completely wrong about the Middle East. Now he’s adding torture to hois checklist which also includes Central Asia and Latin America. Perhaps it would be wise if he just kept his mouth shut on foreign policy in general. The excessively political views that Rubio articulates are meant to stir up the GOP base but show he is incapable of making reasoned and well  thought out comments about foreign affairs.

This past March, Rubio appeared to be urging military action based on his veiled comments to Politico:

Sen. Rubio to POLITICO, “Putin’s invasion of Ukraine requires immediate and decisive U.S. leadership”: “Russia’s illegal military incursion in the Crimea region in Ukraine is a grave violation of a nation’s sovereignty and cannot go unpunished. First, President Obama should speak unequivocally and call this what it is: a military invasion. … Second, President Obama should dispatch Secretary Kerry and Secretary Hagel to Kiev to show U.S. support for Ukraine’s transitional government … Third, the U.S. should rally our allies to boycott this June’s G8 summit in Sochi …

“[I]f Russian troops do not leave Ukraine immediately, Russia should be expelled from this group. Fourth, any and all discussions and negotiations with Moscow on any issue unrelated to this crisis, including trade and other matters, should be immediately suspended. … This is a critical moment in world history. The credibility of the alliances and security assurances that have preserved the international order is at stake. If Putin’s illegal actions are allowed to stand unpunished, it will usher in a dark and dangerous era in world affairs.”

While I strongly believed both them and now that Obama has done a poor job in handling Vladimir Putin in almost every way possible, sending troops was never seriously contemplated. But in this case as with so many others, Rubio staked the most extreme position possible and his dangerous rhetoric was enabled by a willing Washington DC press corp anxious for the types of soundbites few inside the beltway provide.

Rubio, ever the astute pol, mixing below the belt attacks on the President with a reactionary voting record could keep both the GOP establishment and  Tea Party clamoring for him with this combination of rhetoric and votes. The national media is playing its part in fueling Rubio’s support by elevating his profile. But Rubio’s national star has dimmed despite these efforts to placate the Republican base and his failure to provide a steady presence at home when compared to his predecessors have led to the potential that he could be a one-termer.

The fall of Marco Rubio could be tied to his political cowardice- his unwillingness to follow his convictions on immigration and his desire to constantly kow-tow to where he believes the GOP base sits on a number of issues.  His hypocrisy and inconsistency on foreign policy issues mirrors the confusing non-conservative approach the Republican Party establishment has pursued. If President Obama is for it, Marco Rubio and much of the GOP is against it.

Salon has dissected Rubio’s hypocrisy well in this piece.


  1. sandy oestreich, Fmr elected official, etc · ·

    SEN. MARCO RUBIO is a Has-been in politics. His political shenanigans are not worth reporting, so why bother.
    Could he still Go back to Cuba?


    1. Sandy,
      Your racism stinks. Rubio is an American, born in America and eligible to run for President of the United States. While the article above is an excellent analysis and Rubio more than deserves to be rejected, subjecting him to racist diatribe because his parents are Cuban immigrants only discredits us.


  2. Revealing that our armed forces were using barbaric acts cannot endanger American lives as much as degrading us all by actually committing despicable torture of prisoners. Rubio is nuts. Kartik, this article hits the nail on the head. Rubio is a demagogue who is only manipulating the base that got him where he is.


  3. Not only is Rubio an intellectual lightweight, devoid of a moral compass, but apparently he is in the Dick Cheney School of Diplomacy: the end justifies the means, and what do the Geneva Conventions know about cruel and inhumane treatment of prisoners, along with torture and murder at the hands of CIA operatives and their thug contractors? If Rubio had an ethical bone in his body (and he doesn’t) and did not change his “policy” with the direction of the wind–maybe he would have the stuff that makes presidents! There is no “there” there, only expediency while preening himself to run in the GOP primary. All of this unworthy puffery by Rubio spells one thing: not a credible candidate. The lies and omissions he committed on his financial disclosures both in the FL Legislature AND in the U. S. Senate merit censure. Lying and cheating are not traits that endear a candidate to the electorate. Actually, we, the people had our fill of that treachery from 2000 to 2008 with Bush & Co., and now with the Torture Report, our worst suspicions of these sociopaths are proving accurate! Never again, I say!


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