Saving the St John’s River needs to be a Legislative priority

The St John’s River is the lifeblood for much of Florida’s Peninsula. A unique ecosystem that connects lakes, marshlands, a northward-flowing river and the Atlantic Ocean, it is one of only 13 designated “American Heritage Rivers,” in the country despite the efforts by the Florida Legislature to stop its designation in 1999.  By 2020, about seven million people will live in the St John’s basins which is roughly double what lived in the area in 2008.

The waterway is suffering from significant pollution and degradation. This is having an impact on the Florida Aquifer which provides drinking water to millions of people.

This week the “Save the St John’s” effort began a tour of the 310-mile river to bring awareness to the challenges that face the river.

It’s an issue legislators, even many of those from within the St John’s basin have avoided dealing with for for years. The time has come for this legislature to deal more seriously with environmental, water and sustainability issues.


  1. Chris Jones · · Reply

    I’VE SEEN FLOATING ISLANDS OF WATER WEEDS SPRAYED WITH WEED KILLER FROM AIR BOATS. That’s how the locals rednecks deal with their environmental issues. Too cheap and lazy to remove them with a harvester


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