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Florida’s diminishing appeal among outsiders becoming apparent – A “dream state” no more

A whirlwind few weeks where many outsiders descended on Florida has come to an end. The International Champions Cup, a soccer tournament featuring eight of the biggest European clubs culminated on Saturday with El Clasico Miami. The event which was sponsored by among other entities, Visit Orlando brought fans and journalists from across the world […]

Is it too late to stop parts of Miami from sinking into the sea?

Sea level rise IS the biggest issue facing Florida, even bigger than the lack of mass transit within the state. Florida is facing a ticking time bomb in dealing with this issue which our statewide political leadership taking its cue from Governor Rick Scott has been unwilling to even view as a matter of reality. […]

The industry-backed deceit behind Amendment 1 includes Democrats

Florida’s Amendment 1 represents one of the great shams in the recent electoral history of the state. An industry-backed effort by power companies to short circuit the effort to harness solar power in the state of Florida. For some Democrats, particularly those close to the capitol in Tallahassee alliance with industry and the almighty dollar […]

Marco Rubio’s positions in his own words: Climate Change

“Sure the climate is changing, and one of the reasons is because the climate has always been changing,” he said. “There has never been a time when the climate was not changing.””On the contrary, there are laws they want to us pass that would be devastating for our economy,” he insisted, citing the Obama administration’s […]

NPR: Rising seas push too much salt into the Florida Everglades

Rising seas are pushing too much salt into the Everglades, NPR reports.   No doubt Governor Rick Scott will either ignore this increased threat to Florida’s clean drinking water supply and the ecosystem in general or label it a “hoax” prohibiting state officials both elected and unelected whose job it is to safeguard this state from doing […]

Rick Scott’s climate denial will reduce him to southern segregationist-like levels in history

With the possible exception of Louisiana no US state will be more immediately and profoundly impacted by climate change and rising sea levels than Florida. Yet the state’s ideologically-driven “business-friendly” Governor Rick Scott refuses to acknowledge the threat. Worse yet as our readers all know he has imposed a gag order on use of the […]

TFS Interview: Yulissa Arce, From Paris to Orlando

I sat down with Yulissa Arce the Director of Outreach for Organize Now  and the Florida Institute for Reform and Empowerment (F.I.R.E) earlier this week to discuss Climate Change and its local impact. Climate Change is a subject many conservative politicians want to avoid discussing and it does have serious local implications. The interview focuses on […]