NPR: Rising seas push too much salt into the Florida Everglades

Rising seas are pushing too much salt into the Everglades, NPR reports.   No doubt Governor Rick Scott will either ignore this increased threat to Florida’s clean drinking water supply and the ecosystem in general or label it a “hoax” prohibiting state officials both elected and unelected whose job it is to safeguard this state from doing their jobs.

Sea level rise is one of the greatest threats facing Florida along with the decline of clean drinking water as the state’s population expands well beyond reasonable means. Those who have been in power in this state for the last two decades with very few exceptions have been unwilling to effectively confront and deal with these mounting issues.

If we have another decade of inaction similar to the previous two, this state is quite possibly doomed ecologically.

The stakes could not be higher but unfortunately most politicians continue to discuss issues that are either extraneous or less critical to creating a sustainable Florida than those that revolve around sea level rise, the Everglades and clean drinking water.

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    If you want to see a picture of Miami fifty years from now, look at a picture of Venice today.

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