Flashback Friday: Eric Clapton in Miami and 461 Ocean Boulevard 

Eric Clapton’s 461 Ocean Boulevard is a masterpiece of rock music, one of the quintessential albums of the 1970’s. Recorded at North Miami’s Criteria Studios, Clapton’s first full album after his down period due to heroin addiction (where the one public appearance the English rock star made was a reluctant one at best mate George Harrison’s benefit concert for Bangladesh at Madison Square Garden).

In April and May 2017 this epic album was recorded with Clapton having a backlog of excellent material to offer for the recordings. The name of the album was based on the house Clapton rented on Golden Beach (just south of Dade/Broward County line not far from the Diplomat Hotel) and is NOT a reference to an address in the Art Deco district or South Beach. In fact in the 1970’s Miami Beach south of Arthur Godfrey Road had become quite rundown.

The center of the action in this period was further north and Golden Beach was close to the Criteria Studios. The same studios are where the Bee Gees recorded several albums – interestingly enough the chuga chuga noise at the beginning of Jive Talkin’  was due to the sound of the Sunny Isles Bridge (163rd Street) the group crossed to get to the studios from where they were staying.

Clapton put together released some epic songs on this album including “I Shot the Sheriff,” and “Motherless Children.” An ode to this state was “Mainline Florida,” an underrated rocker was on Side 2.

This album is one of my favorites all time in the world of Rock & Roll. Read more about the album here. 

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