VIDEO: Governor Scott loses his cool over minimum wage

No matter how much Governor Scott tries to disguise his administration’s four-year war on Florida’s working class citizens with slick campaign ads and mailers the truth comes out when the man speaks in public. Great work here by The Fight for 15 and  an excellent question from Shatara Brown who put the Governor on the defensive.


  1. James Mejuto · ·

    People . . . Go to Politifact and you’ll get the lowdown on this Asshole Governor and his blatant lies regarding min.wage, and unemployment.


  2. In the second “debate” Scott absurdly answered “private industry sets the minimum wage” This guy is digging his hole deeper and deeper every time he opens his mouth! Similarly, in the one debate Tuesday night in District 11 race–Rich Nugent answered that “the states are the ones who should set the minimum wage”, with a response of boo’s from the audience! The entire “debate” consisted of Nugent reciting the stale talking points of his beloved Tea Party Caucus, with nary an original thought presented on his part, while the clear winner of this lone debate, Ocala businessman Dave Koller, presented intelligent, thoughtful remedies to the deadlocked crisis that IS our Congress this session. Mr. Koller received much applause, and Mr. Nugent many boo’s throughout the evening! When Nugent set out to recite his standard whine insulting our President, a member of the audience called out: “Stop trashing our President!” Every vote Mr. Nugent has cast in Washington over the four years of his non-leadership has been harmful to his constituents in this troubled, high-unemployment region of Florida. Time for Sheriff Rich to return to Hernando and stay there!


  3. At what point does the conflicts of interest and personal investment in Coral Springs city matters? The constant shots at republican commissioners who took out old boy and girl network lefty political consultant turned blogger turned communications specialist turned lefty political hack Kartik Krishnaiyer helped saddle the city with!

    When will you come clean about your own personal interest in Skip Campbell’s election?


  4. Let’s vote these assholes out of office.


  5. OrlandoChris · ·

    Just in the past 2 years, the republican party has lost 2% of their voters and the democrat party has lost 4%, at the same time the Libertarian party has gained an extra 12%. People are waking up!!


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