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A Progressive’s Guide to the 2015 Legislative Session – Issues: Education

Testing is becoming a big issue on the right and the left, with both sides drawing lines around over-testing.  With the awful debacle of testing around the state this week, everyone is paying attention and parents are angry.  Legislators are demanding the Governor Scott halt the testing, school districts are trying to   What this […]

State of the State: Fluff, Awkwardness, and Mark Pafford’s Rhetorical Questions

Rick Scott tried to prepare us for the rambling speech by opening with a joke about his speaking skills. Unfortunately, it did not help or make it any less painful. The state of the state was flat, boring, and the openly-cued clapping was cringe-worthy.  Rick Scott tried to put forward an idea of “Florida exceptionalism” […]

Manufacturing tax credits yet to work

Governor Scott on Wednesday announced the creation of 100 jobs by Volkswagen in Jacksonville. This got me to thinking, given the success of other southern states in attracting manufacturing jobs, how has Rick Scott’s tax abatement scheme of 2013 done? The VW jobs are not at all related to manufacturing as Florida’s economy is service […]

Governor Scott’s shallow inaugural appeal

Having been returned to office by Florida’s electorate despite failing to meaningfully grow Florida’s economy in his first term, Governor Rick Scott will appeal to residents to relocate to Florida. Since this Governor and his allies in the legislature proudly gutted the growth management laws that worked for 30 years, a potential influx in population […]

The “new” “reinvented” Jeb Bush a Presidential contender

Nobody in Florida’s journalist circles did a better job of covering the heavy-handed borderline dictatorship at times that was Governor Jeb Bush’s reign better than S.V. Date, then of the Palm Beach Post. Date held Bush’s feet to the fire like no other reporter in the state. He had the courage to say what needed […]

Watch Pinellas and Palm Beach counties tonight

Our friends over at Saint Petersblog will appreciate this plug…while Hillsborough often is the county to watch when returns come in for statewide races, tonight it could be across the bay in Pinellas that tells the story. Pinellas is often the first large county to report in full and should Governor Crist not amass a […]

Rick Scott’s “path to victory” leaving zero margin for error

In theory, Governor Scott has a shot at winning reelection. Public polling indicates the race is a dead heat, but the public polls are less relevant than the early and vote by mail totals as well as the actual developments on the ground in advance of Election Day. Three days ago, Steve Schale wrote a […]

VIDEO: Governor Scott loses his cool over minimum wage

No matter how much Governor Scott tries to disguise his administration’s four-year war on Florida’s working class citizens with slick campaign ads and mailers the truth comes out when the man speaks in public. Great work here by The Fight for 15 and  an excellent question from Shatara Brown who put the Governor on the […]

Is Governor Scott’s arrogance due to being a “carpetbagger?”

The farcical opening to Wednesday’s gubernatorial debate at Broward College furthered the narrative emerging from this Governor’s race — that the sitting Governor who has lived in this state for barely a decade has little respect for Florida’s citizens. The patronizing tone he has long taken in lecturing Floridians about the economy reflects the arrogance […]

Monday Musings: Rick Scott’s Economy #It’sNotWorking, Scotland, Absentee Voting, National Voter Registration Day, Possible bad news for Beckham, Climate March, Media Negligance

The Rick Scott economy is working… for the wealthy. New US Census figures show that poverty remains high in the Sunshine State. One out of every six Floridians was living in poverty last year, including one out of every four children according to census data. To make matters worse, as I have written for the […]