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Voting in Absentia: Why I Would Cast My Ballot for Charlie Crist in Florida

By Steven Kurlander  This article also appeared in Context Florida and the Huffington Post  Occasionally, refugees who have settled in the US, including naturalized citizens, cast ballots in elections that take place in their origin countries that allow them to vote in absentia and in effect allow them to still have an impact on events […]

Coral Springs City Hall, wasteful spending and school safety at the heart of Mayor’s Race

Coral Springs Commissioner Tom Powers who is seeking to ascend to the Mayor’s post in the November 4th election has recently been on the defensive about the proposed new City Hall project as well as other issues. Coral Springs was long considered one of the state’s leading cities. Throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s it was […]

TFS Endorsements: Broward county & municipal races/questions

COUNTY COMMISSION DISTRICT 4- KEN KEECHEL Former Commissioner Keechel deserves to be returned to the Commission in place of the ideological Chip LaMarca, the board’s lone Republican. COUNTY QUESTIONS YES on QUESTIONS 1 and 2   Question 1 is a no-brainer as it would reauthorize the Childrens Services Council. Question 2 will prove more difficult […]

2014 is Already Drastically Different than 2010 – Will that be enough?

The 2010 election has left a deep scar in the collective memory of progressives around the state. Although all over the county Democratic candidates faced the wrath of the then-powerful Tea Party, in Florida the effects particularly burned with the election of both Marco Rubio, Rick Scott and a full Republican cabinet, and a slew […]

On the passing of Tom Slade

One of the most influential people in Florida’s last half century of politics passed away on Monday. Tom Slade, more than any other single man is responsible for the political climate Floridians live in today. The lasting and permanent Republican majorities in the state of Florida were built largely by him, with deputies implementing his […]

Nancy Pelsoi headlines Orlando town hall on working women & empowerment

US House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California) joined Congressman Alan Grayson (D-Florida) to headline a Working Women Town Hall in Orlando. The event which was hosted by The Florida Institute for Reform and Empowerment (FIRE)  drew a packed audience.   The town hall comes on the heels of a report released on women’s health. Just this week, […]

TFS Legislative Endorsements

SENATE SD 6 – Kathleen Trued SD 12 – Geraldine Thompson SD 22 – Judithanne McLauchlan SD 32 – Maria Sachs HOUSE HD 6 – Jamie Shepard HD 29 – Mike Clelland HD 30 – Karen Castor Dentel HD 38 – Beverly Ledbetter HD 43 – John Cortes HD 47 – Linda Stewart HD 49 – Joe […]

FOX News discussion on CD-18 Race

We would normally never post something from FOX News but this discussion which included one-time Charlie Crist confidante and Broward Republican Party Chair George LeMieux was fantastic for its spin in claiming that Congressman Patrick Murphy is vulnerable.

Monday Musings: Reggie Fullwood, Broward Bond Issue, Coral Springs Mayor’s Race, #Fangate, Debate Topics and 2014 is not 2002

House District 13 will not be seeing an election on November 4th. Representative Reggie Fullwood failed complete his paperwork properly and thus, no candidate filed for the seat. A judge ruled that Fullwood could not appear on the November election, triggering a special election. However, Fullwood’s easy re-election is out the window – he now […]

Are the State House races really as noncompetitive as St Pete Polls claim?

In the last few days, our friends over at Saint Petersblog have released polling numbers and data from several contentious State House races across Florida. The polls have been conducted by St Pete Polls, whom we have previously both praised  on this site. Before delving too deeply into the qualms I have about the polling […]