Out of spite, Florida GOPers potentially raise taxes on hundreds of thousands of Floridians

The headline should be included the messaging on the abolition of Disney’s Reddy Creek Improvement District (RCID) and other special taxing districts targeted by the Governor and Legislature this week. On Thursday, the House joined the Senate in voting to abolish RCID and several other special districts in the state.

I don’t have any specific numbers (nor does anyone else really) at this point, but I want to raise the issue because undoubtedly this represents another tax increase on certain residents of the state.

Governor DeSantis increasingly unhinged behavior has also confirmed what we’ve long argued on these pages – he is not a conservative. His economic philosophy is that of an Authoritarian populist which means it is impossible for him to respect the independence of private industry. So basically, raising taxes again fits in his wheel house.

Obviously we will keep an eye on hard numbers related to the dissolution of the RCID next year, and discuss this further here at TFS in the future.


  1. Steve Schneider · ·

    Is this a potential anti-woke tax? Are Florida Republicans grooming us for more tax hikes?


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