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Could dissolving Disney’s Reedy Creek Improvement District hurt Everglades & Kissimmee River restoration?

Governor Ron DeSantis has fashioned himself a champion of Everglades restoration and on some scores he’s done far better than his predecessor (not that that was particularly hard given but…he’s done well on some stuff). For example, without DeSantis tireless advocacy, I doubt the vital Tamiami Trial project would be so far along or as […]

Lincoln Project: Ron DeSantis is a liar and Florida GOPers are BAD for Business

The Lincoln Project is out with a slick new ad. Rick Wilson and Stuart Stevens, they get it.

Out of spite, Florida GOPers potentially raise taxes on hundreds of thousands of Floridians

The headline should be included the messaging on the abolition of Disney’s Reddy Creek Improvement District (RCID) and other special taxing districts targeted by the Governor and Legislature this week. On Thursday, the House joined the Senate in voting to abolish RCID and several other special districts in the state. I don’t have any specific […]

TFS+ – Disney v DeSantis: The Governor’s assault on local government and the history of special taxing districts and public benefit corporations

Over at TFS+ , Tim Smyth sat down with Kartik Krishnaiyer to discuss Governor DeSantis recent usurpation of local government authority as well as the history of special taxing districts & public benefit corporations. With Governor DeSantis advocacy of repealing Disney’s special status in Florida, Kartik Krishnaiyer and Tim Smyth sat down to discuss the […]