DeSantis veto of net metering bill preserves progress, protects Floridians and saves some of us thousands of dollars

As someone who has overseen my entire residence being converted to solar between 2018 and 2021, FPL’s net metering bill targeted ME and tens of thousands like me, specifically. HB 741 I had interpreted as a direct shot at me personally, something I have never done with an individual piece of legislation before.

Governor DeSantis continued his recent pushback against large corporations in the state with his veto of HB 741. The net impact of FPL’s intentions, which the legislature rubber-stamped with minimal opposition would have been to punitively punish homeowners whose only sin was harnessing the power of the sun here in Florida, which is after all “The Sunshine State.” It would have locked-in a massive financial break for one of the nation’s largest utility companies, a company that has played politics unethically and arguably illegally in the two years.

While DeSantis party has directly benefited from FPL’s corruption (readers of these pages no doubt don’t need a refresher on that!), the Governor, to his credit seems to not be in their pocket. DeSantis veto of HB 741 must be applauded by all citizens of this state irrespective of political views and whether or not you support the Governor.

“Given that the United State is experiencing the worst inflation in 40 years and that customers have seen steep increases in the price of gas and groceries, as well as escalating bills, the state of Florida should not contribute to the financial crunch that our citizens are experiencing,’ the Governor said in his veto message.

This might be speaking out-of-school on these pages, but we don’t pull punches here, so thank you Governor DeSantis. Your veto of HB 741 will directly benefit Florida.


  1. Steve Schneider · ·

    You are right to say when you like something that Gov. DeSantis has done. Obviously, that doesn’t mean you will vote for him or donate to him. It also doesn’t mean that you agree with the thrust of his leadership.


  2. Patti Lynn · ·

    I wish that I could be sure that he meant what he said. He is in re-election mode. I do not trust his words. His lack of action, (until yesterday), regarding insurance, his raiding of the Sadowski funds, the Condo funds, etc., truly identify how he thinks. I’d love to do solar, if I thought that he wouldn’t backtrack on this.


  3. Bruce Seaman · ·

    DeSantis’s logic remains curious and he has signed off on much dumber crap. As a new solar panel owner – turned on last Fall and celebrating my first 0 kwh month (double FU to Duke Energy and the other utility monopolies)), I was dismayed by this proposal, but not surprised. The veto was a total surprise. Another version of anti-corp populism? What did FPL et al do to get kicked off the gravy train? I simply don’t get it.


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