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DeSantis veto of net metering bill preserves progress, protects Floridians and saves some of us thousands of dollars

As someone who has overseen my entire residence being converted to solar between 2018 and 2021, FPL’s net metering bill targeted ME and tens of thousands like me, specifically. HB 741 I had interpreted as a direct shot at me personally, something I have never done with an individual piece of legislation before. Governor DeSantis […]

Utilities and Amendment 1 – the industry fleecing of Florida can be stopped November 8

Amendment 1 on the November 8 ballot is perhaps the single biggest farce ever proposed to be placed in the Florida Constitution. Given the long history of bizarre ballot efforts, that is saying a great deal. But this is perhaps the first time an entire industry that has bought its way to creating anti-consumer monopolies […]