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Laundry list of excuses again don’t add up after another Democratic defeat

Florida Democrats have entered their comfort zone- the season of making excuses. Democrats in Florida are incredibly proficient and adept at one important aspect of political campaigns – generating creative talking points in justifying losing campaigns. Once again in a big race a Democrat has fallen short, and once again no doubt those in and […]

Can Florida Democrats learn from Hillary Clinton?

Florida Democrats and the consultants that regularly advise them are notorious for their theories about voter behavior. Time and again we are told the party must nominate “moderate” and “centrist” candidates who speak to “swing” voters. The problem is all of these labels are mythical and theories behind them are grounded in a time when […]

Jeb Bush in 2015 : Rusty and still rude

Governor Jeb Bush has always been a politician with a short fuse and a certain observable sense of entitlement. As Governor, Bush conducted himself in a manner that exuded arrogance, self-righteousness and an all-knowing attitude. When reporters challenged him, he would snap in public, When members of the legislature attempted to meet with him on […]


In a last-minute huddle, Democrats blocked fast-track authority (TPA) for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) in the Senate, saying they had concerns about enforcement of protections. This was a big, multifaceted win for progressives. One, Elizabeth Warren’s Klout score just went way up. Two, the TPP now has a good shot of being killed in the House with […]

Do political endorsements add up within the Democratic Party?

As always much is being made about endorsements for a Democratic candidate running statewide. Congressman Patrick Murphy, who has surrounded himself with smart pols, has the backing of most of the party establishment both in DC and Florida. Much of the establishment is sweaty about the possibility of Congressman Alan Grayson getting into the Senate […]

The Broward Squeeze: Handicapping Senate District 33

Eleanor Sobel who won this seat in a hotly contested 2008 Primary with two other former State House members is term-limited. Like most other Broward County-based seats, this race will be decided in the Democratic Primary. The 33rd District, includes Includes Dania Beach, Davie , Plantation and portions of Cooper City, Fort Lauderdale, Hallandale Beach, […]

The Uncanny Valley of the Florida Senate Race

When robots are too human it creeps us out. It’s called the Uncanny Valley — an unsettling sense of revulsion when confronted with something that’s human, but not. Jon Tester’s ludicrously early endorsement of Patrick Murphy for Senate is an Uncanny Valley moment for him. As head of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, his announcement […]

Flashback Friday: Sunshine Skyway Bridge accident

Tomorrow, May 9th marks the 35th Anniversary of one of the most painful memories modern Florida has endured. The freighter MV Summit Venture crashed into the Sunshine Skyway Bridge over Tampa Bay killing 35 people. At the time the Skyway was a Cantilever Bridge with twin spans. After the disaster before the new Cable Stayed […]

Governor Scott Must Veto 24-Hour Abortion Waiting Period

There were many arguments presented on the house floor to show the multiple flaws in bill HB633, which would mandate a 24 hour waiting period before an abortion could be performed. The heated controversy created headlines and political fodder as the classic debate between woman’s rights advocacy groups and anti-abortion factions played out. This bill […]

Thursday Bookshelf: RIP Speaker Jim Wright

Former House Speaker Jim Wright (D-Texas) passed away last night just months after his longtime friend Rep. Jack Brooks (D-Texas) passed. Both were 92 years old. Speaker Wright hailed from Fort Worth and used his power to help his local area (including a restriction of commercial flights into Dallas’ Love Field forcing airlines to use […]