Excellent Florida county tree map of 2016 presidential election results

By Ali Zifan – Raw Data:[1], CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=56470780

This graphic is self-explanatory but recently got uploaded to Wikipedia and is shared here under a Creative Commons license.

As the tree map demonstrates while the Democrats carried with varying margins the largest counties in the state, the vast majority of medium sized ones went to Trump – many of which the Democrats didn’t even bother to seriously contest or try and cut margins in.

It also reinforces a number of the counties in the Big Bend region where the Democrats have previously tried to push into the blue column are largely insignificant in the bigger electoral picture.

Click on the graphic to see it in greater detail.


  1. Would you say that priority should be given to the lightest pink, larger counties? Pinellas, Seminole, Duval?


    1. The fact Pinellas was pink and not any shade of blue speaks volumes as to what a disaster the night was.

      I’m not sure many more votes can be squeezed out of Duval for Democrats. I still think cutting GOP margins in Lee, Pasco, Sarasota, Brevard, Volusia (actually flipping this county outright) and Marion is the most important thing the party can focus on.

      Also cutting margins if possible in the further western portions of the Panhandle needs to be thought about seriously.


  2. gary hurst · ·

    i moved from broward to polk this year and now all my mocking of trump that got me big laughs in broward just get me scowls of hatred 😦


    1. Glad to hear that.


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  4. I was a registered Democrat for over 25 years but I proydly changed to Republican in 2016. Why? The Dems candidates were either an avowed socialist; no way I would vote for a socialist, Martin O’Malley; a good man but one who didn’t have a chance, or HRC. There was no possibility of me voting for her in light of her liberal views especially regarding allowing illegal immigration, her blatant dishonesty about Benghazi, her flaunting of the law with a personal, unsecured server and mishandling of classified material, and her elitist attitude that somehow it was now “Her turn”. The Democratic Party continues with its rush to the left and in turn has alienated many of its moderate and now former party members. Goodbye.


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