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Democratic presidential performance in Florida’s largest counties 2000-2016 analyzed

We’ve taken the 15 biggest counties and done a very basic analysis. Deeper-dive analysis will certainly be done by this website and others in the coming weeks and months. For this analysis we’ve eliminated all votes for third and fourth counties as well as undervotes/overvotes and just taken percentage of the overall vote. In the […]

Anti-Trump protests in the larger picture

We’ve had several days now of anti-Trump protests across the nation almost entirely in large cities (including Orlando) and college campuses. While frustration with the result of the 2016 Presidential Election is widespread among those of us who care about the general health and welfare of all Americans and the image of this nation abroad, the protests […]

Trump voters all racist? Trump illegitimate? Nope.

I posted a rant on Facebook earlier today. I don’t have a lot of Facebook friends and tend to use Twitter much more for social media. I have well over 5,000 Twitter followers but the disadvantage of Twitter is that you cannot post long form thoughts like this on that platform, though for most things […]

What’s wrong with Volusia? Pasco? Brevard? Democrats must engage up and down I-75 and I-95

I’ll come out and say it- I hate third ways. But in this case the debate between those in the Democratic Party who see organizing as a contest between emphasis on northern Florida versus urban areas (which increasingly means just southeast Florida and the Orlando area, excluding Tampa Bay at the same level where Democrats […]

Hey progressives, white folks aren’t demons and matter also

Tuesday night was like Election Day 2004 all over again.  The same feeling, the same shock. But this time the takeaway is more stark than it was on the night when George W. Bush was elected properly for the first time by the American people (the history books will say “reelected” but those of us […]

Early Florida takeaways from county level data (UPDATED)

Much more to digest after a historic election that this but a few indicators that the Democrats were going to struggle at the top of the ticket on Tuesday were apparent early. The numbers from Pinellas County were mildly shocking. In 2004, I had made an early determination that it would be George W. Bush’s […]

Holy shit a woman just beat Mica in CD-7

Will have more to say about this later, but this is quite a wonderful win.

Election Day LIVE!

6:00pm ET Kartik (@kkfla737) All indications are positive for the Democrats…but I remind people that 2004 fooled many analysts. Granted that was before the days of Twitter and Nate Silver, etc but Democratic confidence was supremely high at 6:00pm ET…by 7:30 pm ET I was convinced John Kerry had lost the state. 5:00pm  ET Kartik (@kkfla737) Several […]

Progressive Caucus urges vote for Buesing

Democratic Progressive Caucus President Urges Progressives to Vote for Buesing    “Bob Buesing has a proven track record of working on behalf of our community.”    Tampa, FL – Susan Smith, President of the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida, released the following statement on the hotly contested State Senate race in SD 18: “While Joe Redner […]

The industry-backed deceit behind Amendment 1 includes Democrats

Florida’s Amendment 1 represents one of the great shams in the recent electoral history of the state. An industry-backed effort by power companies to short circuit the effort to harness solar power in the state of Florida. For some Democrats, particularly those close to the capitol in Tallahassee alliance with industry and the almighty dollar […]