Progressive Caucus urges vote for Buesing

Democratic Progressive Caucus President Urges Progressives to Vote for Buesing 
“Bob Buesing has a proven track record of working on behalf of our community.” 


Tampa, FL – Susan Smith, President of the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida, released the following statement on the hotly contested State Senate race in SD 18:

“While Joe Redner is a strong progressive candidate, I urge Hillsborough County progressives, including Joe, to join me in backing Bob Buesing for Florida Senate. Bob has a proven track record of working on behalf of our community and is best positioned to defeat Dana Young — despite her millions of dollars’ worth of false, negative ads.
“Unlike Young, who cares more about her own self-interest than ours, Bob Buesing is committed to investing in our public schools, protecting our environment and expanding access to quality, affordable health care. Young’s allies have lobbed baseless attacks at Bob — including the suspicious mailer reported on yesterday — and will stop at nothing to buy her way back to Tallahassee. We must unite behind Bob’s campaign to send a true progressive ally to the State Senate!”
The Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida is an official charter of the Florida Democratic Party. 


  1. Dana Young has run a nasty campaign. If SD 18 wants a better legislature, they should vote for Bob.

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  2. JOE KREPS · ·

    Welcome Election Day 2016. If you haven’t already done so, it is time to elect every Democrat on your ballot. I have spent the past 2 years working for and supporting Progressives. We have lost some battles and won others. Most importantly we have moved the Democratic Party to the left and put forward the most Progressive Platform we have ever had. After voting, it will once again be time to fight for Progressive Values and Candidates. See you all in the trenches.


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