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Why the establishment grudge against Dwight Bullard?

Progressive activists throughout the state have flocked in the past seven days to the FDP Chair candidacy of Dwight Bullard. Many former Bernie Sanders supporters and other liberals who are aligning with Bullard cite that he was one of the few state legislators to articulately push a strong progressive agenda in the legislature over the […]

Healing the Florida Democratic Party: Step 2 – Eliminate role of corporate lobbyists

The Florida Democratic Party itself has improved in recent years in terms of the role of consultants and outside vendors. Allison Tant’s time as Chair without question eliminated some of the more malign forces that have influenced the party through the years. But with Tant now leaving, some of those consultants are lining up behind […]

Cuba flights from Florida off to a rough start

The initial exuberance about the US-Cuba aviation deal led to a rush of applications by US airlines to fly to Cuba. 75% of the new flight allocations were made from Miami or Fort Lauderdale, but airlines who rushed to fill the void are already feeling the pinch. Yesterday, American Airlines downgraded multiple flights from Miami […]

Healing the Florida Democratic Party: Step 1 – Leave Tallahassee

Florida Democrats are once again going through the motions of electing a new chair and directing a post-election inquest. This go-round feels somewhat different in the sense that the party has seemingly hit rock bottom and those around the establishment of the FDP are listening with more interest to the feedback coming from those of […]

Make Congress Bigger and Cheaper

By Robert Buccellato The title may seem like a joke, and I suppose it is a bit pie in the sky to think that the work “cheap” would ever be included with the word “congress.” But, the growing level of partisanship and gridlock could all be resolved if the nation’s congressional districts were smaller in […]

The cracks that divide us among Florida Democrats must be healed

The FDP Chairs Race has gotten off to a rip-roaring start with progressives and more moderate Democrats aggressively picking sides and trading barbs. This comes just a week after a devastating electoral defeat here in Florida. The realization that years of neglect have left us with an infrastructure incapable of withstanding GOP wave elections become […]

Of Teams and Tribes, What Happens Next?

By Dr. Rachel Pienta There are lessons to be learned. I remember that the Republican Party of Florida did some soul searching a few years ago after serious financial malfeasance was uncovered. The RPOF that emerged from those times was a little leaner and lot more focused.  While the RPOF continues to maintain a presence […]

Open thread: What next for the Democrats?

Given last Tuesday’s disastrous election results, what would you like to see the Democrats do next? How do you feel about the Florida Democratic Party and other outside entities that support Democratic candidates? Was Hillary Clinton the best possible nominee for the party? How does the party solve the problem of medium sized counties and […]

Guest Column: The Democrats Stockholm Syndrome is over

Editors Note: This is the first in a series of articles coming to us from guest columnists and folks who may not necessarily agree with TFS’ editorial policy but have something thoughtful to say about the Democratic Party. This is the first of multiple submissions from Dave Trotter.  By Dave Trotter I was only fifteen […]

Post-Election contributions welcome!

In the wake of the Democratic electoral debacle of 2016 (not to be confused with similar debacles of 2002, 2004, 2010 or 2014) TFS is inviting any Democrat, progressive or political thinker to pen a column for us. Consider this an open forum.