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Chasing FDP reform in 2017 part 2: The State Committee

The Florida Democratic Party’s State Executive Committee has been the subject of much conversation through the years. The committee has fallen into a rut where many members have used positions to create a private fiefdom or personal power. This is especially true of representatives from urban counties. Let’s table rules reform in terms of vote […]

Chasing FDP reform in 2017 part 1: staff and vendors

Every time we have an internal shift within the Florida Democratic Party (FDP) be it an election for chair or the reform of rules the role of party staff and vendors comes to the forefront. Assessing the role of staff and vendors needs to be a priority for whomever wins the election as party chair […]

2017 FDP chairs race – a look back

By Dr. Rachel Pienta Like many Democrats across the nation, I’ve been engaged in some political introspection since November. For this Florida Democrat, the national victories of the Obama presidency served as a soothing blue balm to counteract the red tide that has dominated state politics since the mid-1990s.    In the final weeks of […]

The FDP needs to look beyond southeast Florida and transactional Democrats

In our Friday survey of TFS readers over 80% of those voting indicated they prefer either Stephen Bittel or Dwight Bullard for Florida Democratic Party (FDP) Chair. That’s fair considering those are the two most prominent candidates and the battle has been framed as a showdown that will be decided at Tuesday’s Miami-Dade DEC meeting. […]

Bill Nelson, 2018 and the FDP

US Senator Bill Nelson has put his finger on the scale in favor of FDP Chair candidate Stephen Bittel. Nelson’s move could well be enough to ensure Bittel’s victory but perhaps Nelson, the lone statewide elected Democrat the last six years will need the party to grow in strength and stature to see himself reelected […]

Potential FDP Chair candidate surrounded by question marks

With Florida Democrats licking wounds after yet another electoral defeat a move has been afoot led by former DNC Chairwoman and Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz to install Southeast Florida-based real estate mogul Stephen Bittel as the new Florida Democratic Party Chair. Bittel has no history of organizing or advocacy but is simply a fundraiser […]

The cracks that divide us among Florida Democrats must be healed

The FDP Chairs Race has gotten off to a rip-roaring start with progressives and more moderate Democrats aggressively picking sides and trading barbs. This comes just a week after a devastating electoral defeat here in Florida. The realization that years of neglect have left us with an infrastructure incapable of withstanding GOP wave elections become […]

Of Teams and Tribes, What Happens Next?

By Dr. Rachel Pienta There are lessons to be learned. I remember that the Republican Party of Florida did some soul searching a few years ago after serious financial malfeasance was uncovered. The RPOF that emerged from those times was a little leaner and lot more focused.  While the RPOF continues to maintain a presence […]

Can Florida Democrats REALLY take advantage of the GOP redistricting debacle?

The Florida Democratic Party sent out a press release this morning following the breakdown of the Legislature’s Special Session. It was sharply worded and would make perfect sense if history wasn’t so contradictory to what was said. Since 1999, the Republicans running the legislature have made a mockery of the process and have governed with […]

LEAD report, North Florida, “swing voters” and Latino/Hispanics

We’ve discussed time and again the comfort zone that many Democratic operatives and party insiders have with campaigning in North Florida. Days after the 2014 election debacle, many Democratic insiders were already pointing to Charlie Crist’s “under-performance” in North Florida as the cause of his defeat. Never mind that fact that Hispanics which represented 17% […]