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The race of our lives – Crist v DeSantis : Sunshine v Darkness

Florida is the Sunshine State. However, we not only have been covered by dark clouds the last four years, but we face the prospect of permanent descent into our own Dark Ages where individualism, tribalism and selfishness will prevail over our collective goals. This November, we face the most critical choice imaginable. Return to the […]

Governor Crist comes out swinging as he absolutely NAILS a CNN interview

The best messaging yet against Autocrat Ron DeSantis was found in this interview of Charlie Crist by CNN’s Kaitlan Collins. Watch the entire interview, Governor Crist is on fire and on message in a way he has not been in the past. Now if we could just get some television ads funded with these themes…

New poll shows Crist cruising to the Democratic nomination

In the wake of several polls that showed Nikki Fried competitive with Charlie Crist (one of which was paid for by a committee backing Fried, yet touted as “non-partisan.) we have a new poll from St Pete Polls, from my vantage point the most reliable pollster in the state, showing a HUGE Crist lead. Our […]

GOP poll – fake tied race in Democratic Party

A poll released by Kaplan Strategies, a polling firm that has only received money from Republicans, shows the race tied. The only person that Kaplan has received money from is Jason Brodeur, who was a main benefactor of the “ghost candidate” scandal in Central Florida.

Crist lapping the field in latest St Pete Polls survey of Democratic Primary for Governor

The latest St Pete Polls survey for the Democratic Primary for Governor gives Congressman Charlie Crist a commanding lead in the race for the party’s nomination. Crist, a former Republican Governor has been hit by leading opponent Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried for his GOP past, however in recent weeks more revelations about Fried’s recent ties […]

DeSantis polling now underwater thanks to COVID-19

In the wake of record COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in the state, our friend, Florida Politics Founder and Editor Peter Schorsch wisely commissioned a poll to test the views on masks in schools as well as the Governor’s horse race, via St Pete Polls. The results indciate a dead heat between US Rep. Charlie Crist […]

A case for Crist: Why Charlie Crist for Governor makes sense for Florida’s citizens (but maybe not for Democratic partisans)

Charlie Crist has announced he’s running for Governor for a third time – he was elected to the office as a Republican in 2006, becaming an independent during the last weeks of his final legislative session in 2010, and ran as a Democrat, winning the nomination but losing a close General Election in 2014. National […]

In defense of Charlie Crist…

The talk that Congressman Charlie Crist might once again seek a return the Governorship in 2022 has created a lot of conversation among Democratic activists. He wouldn’t be my first choice but certainly from where I sit, is preferable to some of the other names being floated. He’s also more qualified to hold the office […]

TFS Pod 6: Syrian Refugee Vote, #Black Lives Matter, US as a State Sponsor of Terrorism and CD-13 Dem Primary

Happy Thanksgiving to our loyal readers! The latest edition of TFS Radio is in the boooks- you can listen any time at this link, or in the sidebar on the homepage of this site. Through our partner Rabble.TV you can listen on the go via the Rabble app on iOS and Android devices as well […]

TFS Radio 6 – Syrian Refugees, US as a State Sponsor of Terrorism #BlackLivesMatter, CD-13 Primary and more

This week, the TFS Radio Podcast ¬†was taped earlier on Tuesday night, and we are released it at around midnight Wednesday AM. You can listen any time at this link. Among the topics discussed are: Why the US has a moral obligation to accept Syrian refugees thanks to US policies that destabilized the Assad regime […]