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GOP poll – fake tied race in Democratic Party

A poll released by Kaplan Strategies, a polling firm that has only received money from Republicans, shows the race tied. The only person that Kaplan has received money from is Jason Brodeur, who was a main benefactor of the “ghost candidate” scandal in Central Florida.

Democrats understanding the working class – an increasingly losing battle?

The Democratic Party I grew up in was all about the legacy of the New Deal. Coming of political age around condo commandos in south Florida, I’d hear stories about FDR, Truman, Robert Wagner, Tip O’Neill, Hubert Humphrey, about organizing, protests, strikes, labor movements, when John Lindsay ran as a third party liberal and beat […]

A sit down with Damon Victor

“Why on earth would you want to take that job?! You do so much good in the world already?” That’s a frequent question that has greeted the smiling face of Damon Victor throughout his campaign to replace incumbent Rick Minor as the new Leon County Commissioner for district three. It’s a common question that usually […]

50 years ago this week- The NY Times and Washington Post descended on Miami to crack the Watergate caper

The Watergate break in occurred in June, 1972, as we discussed last month, but it was in late July, 1972 that two newspaper reporters descended on Miami. The New York Times and The Washington Post both sent reporters south to get the story. Walter Rugaber, One of the Times, White House reporters came to Miami […]

Chief Osceola’s final resting place

This is a look at Chief Osceola’s (partial) final resting place on Sullivan’s Island in South Carolina. Filmed in 2019.

HOW PUTIN WINS: Authoritarians as a Global Coalition

After an expansion of freedom and democracy since 1980 there has been a reversal that has been labeled a “democratic recession.”  In this period democratically elected strongmen and authoritarian leaders have consolidated power in Russia, Venezuela, India, Turkey and Hungary.  These leaders have suffocated freedom and represent the style of leadership Fareed Zakaria warned of […]

2020 Census – what counties do people actually live in Florida and what interstates run through them?

I’ve been frustrated over the last few years as to why national media and several Florida Democratic operatives I speak to don’t quite grasp where people live in this state and that “rural” voters, while overwhelmingly GOP at this point in time, aren’t really responsible for GOP victories. But it’s the same mentality that forced […]

TFS Endorsement — Josh Johnson for Leon County Commission

[TFS Editors’ note: the Squeeze’s endorsements are gaining notice including in the Tallahassee Democrat, the Capital City’s newspaper of record! Grateful for the recognition and their work keeping Tallahassee accountable and informed.] This week, we continue our look at critical 2022 elections in Leon County. We’ve discussed at some length the growing movement for reform […]

Marion County’s Silver River

A man, his bike and our stadium

Tallahassee is truly a beautiful place to live and raise a family. While at first glance it may seem like a sleepy town surrounded by governmental structures and three universities; once you dig a bit closer it’s obvious just how many amazing things take place in our fair city. It is a place of community […]