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American relaunching secondary Cuban cities and other aviation news

Thanks to the Biden Administrations decision to allow service once against from the USA to secondary Cuban cities, American will relaunch a number of Miami-Cuba flights, to five secondary cities (Camaguey, Holguín, Santa Cruz, Santiago de Cuba and Varadero). No word yet if operationally strapped jetBlue who operated many of the same routes from Fort […]

Grassy Waters- West Palm Beach’s natural treasure

Below we have two videos from Grassy Waters Preserve, which is a natural area maintained by the City of West Palm Beach. It’s among the best urban natural areas you will find anywhere.

Fareed Zakaria on DeSantis latest fundraising email and what Democrats should do about it

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria has a warning for Democrats after getting a fundraising email from Ron DeSantis. This dovetails pretty well with some recent focus groups I have listened to analysis of – DeSantis ability to define Democrats by the most outlandish takes on cultural issues IS UNFORTUNATELY STICKING.

TFS Endorsement – Annette Taddeo for Congress, Democratic Primary CD-27

Thanks to Governor DeSantis unprecedented foray into the state’s redistricting process, in 2022 Congressional candidates are running on a map that is not only a partisan gerrymander – but has cut competitive seats in the state effectively to just one. That one seat is CD-27, currently held by first term GOPer Maria Elvira Salazar. We […]

FiveThirtyEight on the extreme DeSantis gerrymander

This is a good video that makes a lot of the points we’ve made time and again on these pages.

Pelican Island – three videos from the nation’s oldest National Wildlife Refuge

Pelican Island NWR in Indian River County, was designated as the first National Wildlife Refuge in the country, in 1903 by President Theodore Roosevelt. In the following video’s we take a tour of internal areas of Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge and discuss the history of the protected areas in the Indian River Lagoon. Here […]

CBS News breaks down Ron DeSantis potential 2024 run

CBS News’ Robert Costa anchors a discussion on Ron DeSantis.

TFS Endorsement – Will Crowley for Leon County Commission

Leon County’s second district is known for its rustic settings and unique electoral makeup. One of the only areas in the county with both strong GOP and Democratic presences, its sudden vacancy has made for an intriguing, yet solemn battleground. It was a place where the late Commissioner Jimbo Jackson long thrived and built a […]

Analysis of Governor DeSantis’ historic tax increase

An analysis released this week from Jason Garcia indicates consumers have borne the brunt of Governor Ron DeSantis fiscal policies . DeSantis, whose governance has revolved around crushing local government and private businesses who don’t play ball with him, has also financed massive tax cuts for businesses by burdening consumers. What’s ironic is DeSantis, like […]

The Ancient Spanish Monastery – Miami’s medieval attraction

On a previous Florida History Podcast, we have a  short episode as we discuss the Ancient Spanish Monastery in North Miami Beach, the oldest European-built structure in the United States. Below is a short video about it as well. A truly unique attraction.