Analysis of Governor DeSantis’ historic tax increase

An analysis released this week from Jason Garcia indicates consumers have borne the brunt of Governor Ron DeSantis fiscal policies . DeSantis, whose governance has revolved around crushing local government and private businesses who don’t play ball with him, has also financed massive tax cuts for businesses by burdening consumers.

What’s ironic is DeSantis, like his predecessors in office since the GOP takeover of the state in 1998 have by and large FAILED to attract new business to the state. While GOPers in other southern states like Georgia have found success in attracting new professional jobs, that attract young workers and families to the state, Florida has failed miserably in this regard – despite having the third largest population in the country, Florida lags behind the likes of Texas, Georgia and Virginia in corporate relocations and behind the likes of Alabama, South Carolina and Tennessee in manufacturing jobs.

To cover for these failures, the Governor has obviously chosen to shift the tax burden onto Florida’s citizens, who are already being crushed by increased property taxes, skyrocketing rent and an increasing cost of living.

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