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The conservative media has adopted Bernie Sanders. What it might mean.

One quick glance at the homepage of The Sunshine State News would indicate Bernie Sanders is now a heroine on the right.  One hour of watching FOX News would indicate the same, though they always use the word “Socialist” to describe him, even in reports by supposed objective reporters in the field. The conservative media, […]

JetBlue adds Fort Lauderdale-San Diego nonstops

JetBlue Airways, Fort Lauderdale’s largest carrier is adding new nonstops to San Diego in May. It will be the first nonstop service from Fort Lauderdale to San Diego. The airline will also add new nonstop service to Quito, Nashville and Barbados in the next few months from Fort Lauderdale. JetBlue will be the first airline […]

The GOP establishment desperate for a Rubio revival but none will occur, perhaps ever

The Republican establishment is in its last throes of function. Having tried everything else possible to elevate Marco Rubio and discredit Donald Trump, they are now using their proxies at The National Review and FOX News to desperately save the say. FOX News embarrassing Tuesday night statement about Donald Trump followed the New York-based Real […]

Iowa Caucus – TFS Radio Special

Monday, February 1st is the Iowa Caucus. This being only the second election since 1952 that a sitting President or Vice President is not running, the contest is proving to be open and exciting in a way many did not anticipate. Join Katy Burnett, Brook Hines and Kartik Krishnaiyer for LIVE coverage of the caucus […]

Fracking: How the oil price collapse is impacting Williston, ND

Florida’s Republican lawmakers continue to offer fracking as a solution to the state’s economic, job and energy concerns. Williston, North Dakota the prototypical fracking boom town gives us a view into what might happen in Florida from an economic perspective (this doesn’t even take into account environmental concerns). Between 2006 and 2012 Williston was the […]

Interview: Robert Buccellato, author Jimmy Carter in Plains, The Presidential Hometown

Robert Buccellato the author of Florida Governors Lasting Legacies has penned another book this time about President Jimmy Carter and his hometown of Plains, Georgia. The new book Jimmy Carter in Plains: (Images of Modern America) is on sale now for release on February 1. The book is a unique look at the relationship between President Carter […]

Washington Post: Marco Rubio’s Cold War

This Washington Post article is well worth a read in trying to understand Senator Marco Rubio’s foreign policy views and why he keeps fighting the Cold War more than a quarter century after the rest  of the world moved on.

Willie Horton in 2016? It could happen again to the Democrats after Köln attacks

Democrats have taken a noble and laudable stand on the acceptance of immigrant refugees from Syria and Iraq. It is from a humanitarian standpoint the absolute right thing to do.  But from a political standpoint the danger in this position could be easily exploited if we have a single incident of domestic terrorism caused by […]

TFS Interview: Yulissa Arce, From Paris to Orlando

I sat down with Yulissa Arce the Director of Outreach for Organize Now  and the Florida Institute for Reform and Empowerment (F.I.R.E) earlier this week to discuss Climate Change and its local impact. Climate Change is a subject many conservative politicians want to avoid discussing and it does have serious local implications. The interview focuses on […]

City-based School Districts would lead to massive inequality

I read with some curiosity on Saturday a Tampa Bay Times article about a proposal to split school districts. I will admit it caught me completely off-guard because I have not followed anything related to the Florida Legislature this session, as January is always a very busy time for me professionally and unlike in March, […]