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Jimmy Carter and the 1976 campaign – Seeking America 1976; One Man’s American Journey

A Florida Squeeze Documentary / Robert Buccellato film – Seeking America 1976 chronicles in just under an hour the campaign of Jimmy Carter for the Democratic Presidential Nomination and race of President in 1976. Coming out of nowhere the former Governor of Georgia became the party’s nominee and President. The first documentary feature produced by […]

Book Review: Jimmy Carter in Plains, The Presidential Hometown

Forty years ago this month Jimmy Carter won the New Hampshire Primary setting up his 1976 march to the White House. Carter, who had begun the campaign as a largely unknown governor of Georgia was catapulted to stardom thanks to hard work, strong grassroots efforts and a humbleness unbecoming of a politician. In the wake […]

Interview: Robert Buccellato, author Jimmy Carter in Plains, The Presidential Hometown

Robert Buccellato the author of Florida Governors Lasting Legacies¬†has penned another book this time about President Jimmy Carter and his hometown of Plains, Georgia. The new book Jimmy Carter in Plains: (Images of Modern America)¬†is on sale now for release on February 1. The book is a unique look at the relationship between President Carter […]