Jimmy Carter and the 1976 campaign – Seeking America 1976; One Man’s American Journey

A Florida Squeeze Documentary / Robert Buccellato film – Seeking America 1976 chronicles in just under an hour the campaign of Jimmy Carter for the Democratic Presidential Nomination and race of President in 1976. Coming out of nowhere the former Governor of Georgia became the party’s nominee and President.

The first documentary feature produced by Florida Squeeze. 1976: Seeking America follows the two year journey of America’s most unlikely and most honorable Presidential candidate Jimmy Carter as he seeking the  high office.

With compelling never before seen footage, an exciting original score, and a treasure trove of forgotten material, this documentary is a riveting nostalgic look back at 1970s life.

The entire film can be viewed below:

You can watch the film on YouTube as well.


  1. Ted Kennedy was horrible to Jimmy Carter in 1980 and I do not know why Kennedy was later lionized. He was a real jerk.


  2. Anonymous · ·

    First election I can even vaguely remember. When I went to bed Dad said, we won’t know anything until about midnight. We I got up in the morning, I still remember the smile on his face and his saying “We did it.” He looked like he had been up all night, and it was worth it.


  3. […] the backs of our successful documentary on Jimmy Carter’s 1976 campaign, we’ll be releasing a similar original film on the 1992 campaign won by Bill Clinton– Thursday at Noon eastern […]


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