Book Review: Jimmy Carter in Plains, The Presidential Hometown

51a9zELccMLForty years ago this month Jimmy Carter won the New Hampshire Primary setting up his 1976 march to the White House. Carter, who had begun the campaign as a largely unknown governor of Georgia was catapulted to stardom thanks to hard work, strong grassroots efforts and a humbleness unbecoming of a politician. In the wake of Watergate and the Vietnam War, he was the perfect tonic for an ailing nation.

Florida-based historian and author Robert Buccellato has put together a new book – Jimmy Carter in Plains: (Images of Modern America) which will be released
Monday February 1.

The book is a unique look at the relationship between President Carter and his hometown. Exclusive photographs from Charles Plant in this book weave a motif of Carter and his family in the town of Plains, Georgia and one-of-a-kind looks behind the scenes at the Carter family on election night 1976 and the next morning. Other campaign items in the work include the first ever Spanish-language mass produced literature from a major Presidential campaign, campaign posters and letters. From the book you get a clear sense of how Carter was able to connect with populations in rural areas on a very personal level and how his style of retail campaigning was honed at home.

A must buy for any Carter fan, the pictures and anecdotes in the  book encompass storytelling with images that cannot be found anywhere else.

Below is a full length interview with the author about President Carter’s upbringing, influences, style and politics:


  1. Ron Baldwin · ·

    Carter was and is a decent human being, and probably the best Ex-President ever. He was elected by a nation furious at the pardon of Nixon. His weakness was surrounding himself with too many people from Georgia.


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