The conservative media has adopted Bernie Sanders. What it might mean.

Bernie_Sanders_2014One quick glance at the homepage of The Sunshine State News would indicate Bernie Sanders is now a heroine on the right.  One hour of watching FOX News would indicate the same, though they always use the word “Socialist” to describe him, even in reports by supposed objective reporters in the field. The conservative media, hackish as it is has made a real effort to prop up Secretary Hillary Clinton’s chief rival in the coming Democratic caucuses and primaries.

For The Sunshine State News, the articles read nearly verbatim to the same stories that were run during the 2014 Gubernatorial Primary between Nan Rich who despite the sympathy of progressives got less than a quarter of the vote statewide and Charlie Crist. In that period of time the Sunshine State News mixed conservative policy commentary with cheerleading for Nan Rich. In the month of January, they have mixed conservative commentary with pro-Sanders and anti-Clinton commentary.

This all begs the question as to the funding of right-leaning media and whether talking points memos are circulated because The Sunshine State News, FOX News, The National Review, Newsmax and other conservative media outlets tend to continually be on message. They seem often to coordinate lines of attack in a manner that is impressive especially to the left who has tried to emulate such tactics with an echo chamber which is reaching epic proportions.

The so-called political experts that the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democrats are trotting out on TV as talking heads these days almost continuously appear tone deaf, as if they have been given strict talking points and cannot stray from them. I sat stunned as I watched Hillary Rosen, who I have liked for well over a decade give completely illogical answers to CNN’s questioning yesterday about the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary. She looked clownish and hackish next her GOP counterpart which unfortunately is par for the course these days.

Liberal reaction to conservative action has continued to be a staple of the last decade – if conservatives do something well, liberals feel they must emulate it. Hillary Clinton’s own paranoia about the right might have very likely led to the email scandal and the Benghazi coverup. Please note I am not justifying either cover up, but simply that reaction to the right and their chorus of coordinated media probably led to her actions.

That leads us back to Sanders, the unwitting beneficiary of the right-wing media’s laser sharp focus on Clinton. In 2014, The Sunshine State News proved it has little impact on Democratic Primary voters in the Florida Governor’s Race. Chances are they will have a similarly negligible impact on the Florida Democratic Presidential Primary. But the tactics of the media on the right illicit reactions out of the likes of Crist and Clinton that perhaps do cost the Democratic nominees elections. That is worth pondering as the conservative press sharpens their knives in attacks on Clinton and undesired GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.


  1. patrianakos · · Reply

    “Is it still paranoia if they really are out to get you?” The crazy Right has been slandering Hillary for twenty-five years now. I’m disappointed to see you giving credence to their two latest nothingburgers – Benghazi and e-mails. In fact, I wonder how much of this wingnut Bernie-love is straight McCaskill-style “mess with their primary to get a weaker opponent” and how much is just Clinton Derangement Syndrome.


    1. We had four Americans die in Benghazi including our Ambassador. I don’t care about party, as an American that’s a serious issue for me.


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